Action Comics #903
Action Comics-903 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Action Comics (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 903
First Published: July 27, 2011
Previous Issue: Action Comics (Vol 1) #902
Next Issue: Action Comics (Vol 1) #904

Synopsis for Reign of The Doomsdays: Part ThreeEdit

Action Comics-903 Cover-2

Action Comics Issue #903 Cover-2

The Doomsday clones spread across the world, wreaking havoc. Supergirl fights attacks Cyborg Doomsday in a nuclear lab, Steel fights Superboy Doomsday in Moscow, and Superboy fights Steel Doomsday in Haiti. In S.T.A.R. Labs, Superman, Lois and Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi use the original Doomsday's body to try and find a way to stop the Doomsday clones. Suddenly, Doomsday awakens, but the Eradicator speaks through him. The Eradicator that, as a being of pure information, he leapt into the technology Luthor used to clone Doomsday so that he could control the original Doomsday. Also, the Eradicator says that he can help Superman against the Doomsdays. Meanwhile, the Doomslayer directs the Doomsday clones from his tower. His plan is to get the Doomsdays reach Earth's core so that he can expand the universe inside the tower and destroy the planet from within. Superman uses an accelerator to reach the Doomslayer's tower before its defenses detect him. Meanwhile, Earth's heroes begin fighting the Doomsdays. Reaching the Doomslayer's tower, Superman flies through a tunnel that leads to the ship's core. To stop him from foiling his plan, the Doomslayer powers up the ship's informational engines. Meanwhile, the Eradicator defeats Steel Doomsday, but he begins to feel that Doomsday's mind is beginning to regain control of the body. To continue the battle, Zatanna teleports the heroes to Moscow. In the ship's core, Superman finds information about the Doomsday Supergirl threw into a tunnel. The Doomsday spent years trapped inside the tunnel, conscious and fueled by rage. The heroes reach Moscow and continue their attack. The Doomslayer blasts Superman with the ship's informational engines.

Appearing in Reign of The Doomsdays: Part ThreeEdit

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