Action Comics #42
Action Comics Vol 2-42 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Action Comics (Volume 2)
Issue Number: 42
First Published: July 1, 2015
Previous Issue: Action Comics #41
Next Issue: Action Comics #43

Synopsis for "Hard Truth: Part Two"Edit

The Metropolis police force has surrounded Kentville, the inhabitants of which have formed a non-violent protest to support Superman after his secret identity became public knowledge. The cops, armed with anti-riot weapons give the civilians only five minutes to disperse while Lee attempts to settle things peacefully. Meanwhile at the docks, Superman struggles against the shadow creature while the firefighters evacuate the area. Since the shadow creature is not even alive, Superman resorts to lethal force, first by impaling it in the left eye with an I-beam and then wrapping it with a huge set of chains. Using the chains, Superman steers the creature into a gas truck, killing it. St. Binghamton wants to use tear gas on the Kentville protesters, even when his fellow officers tell him the protesters still have their five minutes. Lee attempts to make peace but one of the cops accidentally fires a tear gas canister into the crowd. Suddenly, a protester named Dante uses a baseball bat to throw the canister back to the cops. Binghamton orders his forces to mobilize while Lee tells the Kentville residents to sit down and not do anything violent. Suddenly, Superman arrives and embeds the two chains onto the ends of the street, with his arms wrapped in them. He reminds the police officers of the time he saved them from Brainiac and Dante of the time he brought him to the hospital when a drunk driver injured him. He stands between the cops and Kentville in non-violent protest as well. Bitter, Binghamton tells Superman he is tired of the people of Metropolis putting more faith in Superman than in their own police officers and is also tired of cleaning up after his fights. Then, he orders his Metro S.W.A.T. team to repeatedly punch Superman. His plan is to force Superman to defend himself, giving Binghamton an excuse to attack the Kentville residents. Even his fellow officers are appalled at Binghamton’s brutality. Binghamton orders the police to fire tear gas on the civilians. Dante wants to attack the cops, but Lee stops him. Even when an officer attempts to stop the Metro S.W.A.T.’s attack on Superman, he is punched aside. Having enough, Superman dashes towards Binghamton and punches him in the face.


Featured CharactersEdit

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Supporting CharactersEdit

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Other CharactersEdit

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