Action Comics #43
Action Comics Vol 2-43 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Action Comics (Volume 2)
Issue Number: 43
First Published: August 5, 2015
Previous Issue: Action Comics #42
Next Issue: Action Comics #44

Synopsis for "Hard Truth: Part Three"Edit

Superman has just attacked Officer Binghamton, who had just authorized the attack on unharmed civilians in Kentville. Getting back on his feet, Binghamton reveals himself to be one of the shadow monsters who had attacked Superman earlier. He attacks his own officers and starts siphoning energy off their weapons. As Superman confronts Binghamton, Dante and Lee attempt to help but Binghamton quickly injures them. Superman pushes Binghamton and continues pummeling him, until the cops open fire on Binghamton, who uses the shadows of a nearby building to disappear. Jimmy takes pictures of the ordeal and publishes them on his website. Word of recent events reaches the Mayor's office. According to the Mayor's aide, the weapons used by Binghamton's S.W.A.T. team are of unknown origin. The Mayor calls Superman, telling him he has becoming a target and he is putting the citizens of Metropolis in danger, so she advises him to leave Metropolis. Superman uses a piece of his torn cape to bandage Lee's wound, and they, along with Jimmy, go to Clark's apartment to think about what happened. Lee observes the people of Kentville were behaving like they were at a party, but now they are getting scared. Upon reaching the apartment, they find it ransacked. The furniture is smashed, the doors and windows are damaged and the floor and walls are spray-painted with offensive comments. Superman has a lot of enemies, anyone could have done it, but Clark can only recover a small photo of him and the Kents from a broken frame. The next morning, Clark calls for the people of Kentville, thanking them for their bravery in the face of such difficult times. He wants them to return to their lives and remain safe, but if they are going to stand and fight, they must do it together. From now on, they are all Supermen. Later at City Hall, the Mayor is interrogating police officers about Binghamton. One of them, Anabella Petruzzelli, does not like Superman and defends Binghamton's actions, even if he was a shadow monster. Petruzzelli is called to the Mayor's office, where the Mayor questions her about his work with Binghamton. The Mayor and his aides are in fact shadow beasts, and Petruzzelli attempts to defend herself. Fortunately, Superman and a group of cops have come to the rescue.


Featured CharactersEdit

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Supporting CharactersEdit

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Other CharactersEdit

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