Action Comics #45
Action Comics Vol 2-45 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Action Comics (Volume 2)
Issue Number: 45
First Published: October 7, 2015
Previous Issue: Action Comics #44
Next Issue: Action Comics #46

Synopsis for "Blind Justice"

Even with his powers decreased and his reputation at an all-time low, Superman continues his struggle to protect the innocent. His most recent action, saving a group of fishermen in Hurricane Eileen, earns mixed reactions among the public. Clark has hidden in the town of Talladega, Alabama. He is in possession of a WayneTech light refract or, a device that distorts his face enough to keep him from being recognize. Clark is working with his computer at a diner, where the cook and the waitress argue about Superman. Larry the cook is against Superman, while Brittany the waitress speaks on Superman's behalf. Eventually, they begin to argue about how they dislike the way the other works. Before the confrontation turns violent, Clark uses his heat vision to turn the sprinklers on, causing everyone to leave the dinner but not Clark leaves a tip for Brittany. Clark has set up a small base of operations in a cabin in the Talladega forest. For months, he has been tracking Wrath's activities and the time has come to foil Wrath's endgame. Suddenly, the perimeter alarm goes off and Clark goes to investigate. It's Hiro Okamura. Clark tells him to leave but Hiro wants to help. A few seconds later, Clark drags Hiro out of the cabin, which then explodes. It had been compromised and Clark could not take any more risks. Although Hiro does not want to leave Superman alone, Clark threatens to release all of Hiro's trademarks and patent violations to the authorities. Shocked, Hiro thinks Clark is bluffing, but Clark simply walks away. Back at Metropolis, rebuilding efforts have started on Clark's old neighborhood. Lee, having acquired some of Wrath's shadow powers, faces some derision from the locals but at least she has become friends with Officer Petruzzelli, the cop Superman saved from Wrath. She even covers her back when two government officials come looking for Lee. Clark has established a new secret identity: Archie Clayton, a truck driver for the Swan delivery services. With this new ID, Clark infiltrates LyfeGene, a biotech company Wrath has been making dealings with to maintain her façade as mayor of Metropolis. He discovers a large door, behind which are Supremacists, a band of criminals Superman fought earlier at Metropolis. Now, they're working with Wrath, by rounding up and brutalizing innocent people and then injecting them with Wrath's black goo. Superman is quick is to defeat the Supremacists and save the prisoners, but one more remains behind a special cage. He breaks the cage, the prisoner of which is Lee, whose shadow infection has grown worse. Then, the black mass on Lee attaches itself to Superman.


Featured Characters

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Supporting Characters

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Other Characters

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