Astro Harness
General Information
Official name: Astro Harness
First Appearance: New Gods (Vol 1) #1 (March, 1971)
Type: Vehicle
Used by: Orion



The Astro Harness is an alien artifact of unknown origin even amongst the New Gods. Used exclusively by Orion, it is worn around his waist, shoulder and slung over his feet and is capable of several abilities.


  • Interstellar Flight: The device makes Orion able to fly at speeds up to Mach 6 in atmosphere, or at speeds above 150,000 mph in space. It is unknown whether Orion actually needs the device to protect him from the ravages of interstellar space, but considering his natural durability, it is unlikely.
  • Self-Repairing: Like much of the technology of New Genesis, the Astro-Harness is capable of self-repair and will repair itself completely as long as any portion of the device exists. This is believed to be from the influence of the Mother Box, because she has a link to the Source and a perfect memory of what the Astro-Harness is, she can recreate it from the native materials available around her.
  • Astro-Force Projection: The most potent power of this device is its projection of Positivea and Negative Astro-Force in beams originating from the hand portions of the harness for small blasts, and from the hands and the chest plate for blasts against inanimate objects, large starships or invulnerable super beings. This weapon is so powerful, it has been used from orbit to attack land dwelling targets or to attack other space craft. The Astro-Force projection can also be used to augment Orion's physical strength to an unknown degree, possibly limitless. The right hand produces Positive Astro-Force, and the left hand produces Negative Astro-Force.
  • Energy Manipulation: The Astro-harness can also acts as a force field barrier to attacks directed at Orion, protecting him from injury. It can also absorb stray energy from the environment and other beings in order to power itself, in the event that its access to the source has been cut off.
  • Magnetic Control: this is similar to a tractor beam, allowing Orion to tow an object from a distance.
  • Programmable



  • Wristbands Guns: Acess the Astro Force Power.


  • Coming Soon


  • Coming Soon


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