Bio Remediation Suit
Bio Remediation Suit
General Information
Official name: Bio Remediation Suit
First Appearance: TBA
Type: Suit
Used by: Kryptonians



A Bio Remediation Suit was a device that had been created by the Kryptonian race. It was designed as a means of containing the spread of a virus or disease within the body's system. Whilst it was not a cure, it did not manage to slow the progress of any infection and thus allowed the user to continue to function when normally they would be unconscious. Any samples of the technology were seemingly destroyed with the planet Krypton. However, once such suit remained within the Fortress of Solitude where it was stored with countless other Kryptonian relics.


When Kal-El was infected by the ancient Xarxas virus, Kelex worked tirelessly in finding a cure and ultimately had no choice but to put Superman in a Bio Remediation Suit to contain the spread of the disease. Whilst it did not cure him, it allowed him to continue functioning but with drastically limited capabilities. Superman by using the suit accompanied Cir-El when Bizarro was causing a rampage in Metropolis. There, the pair discovered that Bizarro was also infected but due to his unique abilities, the virus had the opposite effect on him and empowered him further. As he was weakened by the virus with the suit being his only lifeline, Superman was incapable of defeating the supervillain. However, Cir-El succeeded in fighting this foe and ultimately defeating him. Through Bizarro they found a means of creating a cure of the Xarxas virus thus allowing Kal-El to be fully restored to health.


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