Brainiac 5
Brainiac 5 Querl Dox
General Information
Real name: Querl Dox
First Appearance: Action Comics #276 (May, 1961)
Created by: Jerry Siegel
Jim Mooney
Affiliations: Legion of Super Heroes
Abilities: Genius-Level Intellect
Portrayed by: Matt Czuchry (Voice)
Adam Wylie (Voice)
James Marsters



Querl Dox also known as, Brainiac 5, is from the Planet Coluan and a Member of The Legion of Super Heroes with a supremely advanced intellect. Although his ancestor Brainiac is known as a supervillain of Superman, Querl strove to atone for the misdeeds of his lineage.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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  • Genius-Level Intellect: Coluan intelligence levels are usually at what they call an Eighth level intellect (the whole of humanity is a First level intellect) but the Dox family line has always been unusually strong, with Brainiac 5 reaching a twelfth level intellect.



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