Brainiac Revenge Squad
Brainiac Revenge Squad
General Information
Founder(s): General Zod
Leader(s): General Zod
Current Members: Ursa
Former Members: TBA
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Kandor



The Brainiac Revenge Squad was a military unit within the Kryptonian Military Guild that was formed on the world of New Krypton after the Bottled City of Kandor was freed from Brainiac's clutches. After attaining their freedom, the Kandorians sought to restore Kryptonian civilization and formed their own colony within the Earth solar system. In order to bolster their population, they also freed many of the criminals from the Phantom Zone who were pardoned for their crimes. Among their number was General Zod and the inhabitants sought to create a new Krypton for their people. However, eventually, Brainiac returned and sought to reclaim the city. Sending his many mechanical androids to attack the colony, he managed to overwhelm its defenders. General Zod led the defense of his world but he and his forces could not defeat their attackers. As a result, the settlement of Kandor was once more ripped from its surface and shrunk into a miniature format for storage onboard Brainiac's Brainiship. Shrunk to small size and deprived of their yellow sun based abilities, General Zod decided to rally remnants of the Military Guild into a cohesive force. Whilst they were powerless in this state, the New Kryptonians had managed to reverse elements of Brainiac technology allowing them to create a device to pierce the shield around the Bottled City. It was General Zod's intention to take this new Brainiac Revenge Squad, pass through the barrier, get restored to normal size and attack Brainiac from within his own vessel.

This squad initially faced some opposition from Kon-El who had been shrunk by Lex Luthor and deposited in Kandor. Despite using his telekinesis, Kon-El was defeated by the superior physical training of Zod. Once Superboy was defeated, Zod and his Revenge Squad escaped Kandor in order to defeat Brainiac.


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