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Clark Kent
General Information
Real name: Kal-El
Media: Smallville
Portrayed by: Tom Welling
Equipment: Himself
Transportation: Running



Clark Kent is the Last Son of Krypton. Born as Kal-El on the planet Krypton to Jor-El and Lara-El, he was sent to Earth after his planet was about to be destroyed. Kal-El's ship crash landed in Miller's Field, Smallville, Kansas where he was found and illegally adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent where they named him Clark after Martha's maiden name. Over the years, Clark has developed many native Kryptonian powers that grow stronger each year as he gets older. After the death of his father, Clark dropped out of Central Kansas A&M. He single handedly manages his family's farm, the Kent Farm.

Since the return of his powers and a near death experience in mid 2008, Clark has started using his powers to anonymously fight crime in Metropolis. Reports of his activities led to a string of "Good Samaritan" reports, culminating in Jimmy Olsen's published photograph of a super-powered "Red-Blue Blur" on the Planet front page with the citizens adopting that name for their own vigilante. Clark has begun taking measures in creating a dual identity

Clark began working at the Daily Planet in 2008. He has published at least two stories and one obituary but is usually referred to as a copyboy.

Soon, Clark struggled with dealing with Davis Bloome, a paramedic who was secretly Doomsday, a biological weapon created by General Zod in order to kill Clark himself and then destroy the Earth. Clark ultimately used Black Kryptonite to physically separate Davis's personality from Doomsday's and then trapped Doomsday a mile underground. However, when Davis subsequently killed Jimmy Olsen and was killed by him in turn, Clark lost faith in humanity and vows that "Clark Kent is dead".

Early Years

Clark was born as Kal-El, the only son of Jor-El and Lara-El, on the planet Krypton. When their planet was about to be destroyed after his uncle Zor-El ignited Krypton's core and also due to General Zod's attempt to conquer its people, Jor-El placed Kal-El in a spaceship, to send him to a good family on the planet Earth where he visited years ago. Though Lara wondered if the people of Earth would accept and love him, Jor-El reassured her that the family he chose would be good to him.

In 2008, Brainiac travelled back in time to prevent his arrival to Earth. He intercepted the ship after his parents placed him into it and attempted to kill him. However, he was thwarted by Kara and Clark from the future. They saved Clark's infant self and put him back in the ship, thus preventing any alterations of history.

Kal-El came to Earth during the meteor shower which struck the community of Smallville, Kansas, on October 16, 1989. He was sent from Krypton as an infant, but because of the distance from Earth, Kal-El appeared to be between the ages of two and three when his ship crash-landed. Jonathan and Martha found him in Miller's Field and told the town that they had quietly adopted him. Unable to have children themselves, the Kent's adopted the young orphan and raised him as their son. Owed a favor from Lionel Luthor, Jonathan allowed him to produce forged paperwork that made it official. They arbitrarily picked a May 13, 1987 birth date for their new son and named him Clark, Martha's maiden name.

Clark formed a friendship with another farmer's son, Pete Ross in early childhood. He also was grade school friends with Greg Arkin and Abigail Fine. Clark has been in love with Lana Lang for most of his life. Lana lived a mile away and while growing up, Clark used his telescope in his loft to spy on her. However, Lana almost always wore a necklace with a meteor rock charm on it. As a result, Clark could not even come into close physical proximity without being physically affected but never understood why. Clark met Chloe Sullivan in eighth grade and along with Pete Ross, the three formed an inseparable trio.

Clark was considerably stronger than other children at an early age. Martha noticed his strength the day she brought him home. He even cracked the kitchen table in half and occasionally put holes in the walls during tantrums. He once lifted a 500-pound bed frame as a toddler. Because Jonathan and Martha did not want him to inadvertently injure other children, Clark was not allowed in playgroups or to play on sports teams as a child. Indeed, in an attempt to protect Pete from a bully, he once threw the other child through a door. Clark developed super-speed around age six. Jonathan and Martha taught Clark that his abilities were "gifts", but also that he should never tell anyone else about them. By the time he was 14, he knew that he was adopted, but he seriously began to question his strange powers and confronted his parents, demanding answers.

Stargirl Smallville

Stargirl and Clark Kent

The Red-Blue Blur

When Clark began anonymously saving strangers in Metropolis, he became known as the Good Samaritan. Jimmy Olsen began tracking his saves, determined to get to the bottom of it. Finally, Jimmy was able to capture a picture of Clark super-speeding. His red jacket and blue shirt appeared on the image, causing Jimmy to name him the Red-Blue Blur. The Red-Blue Blur continued to save the citizens of Metropolis. In a sense, the Red-Blue Blur may be thought of as a rough, unfinished version of the Superman identity.

Currently, Clark has given up hope on humanity and has decided that his human persona, Clark Kent, is now dead. He believed his human attachments cause him to lose perspective and prevent him from saving more lives. It is currently unknown if he will still work the farm and Daily Planet, or if he has decided to act as the Red-Blue Blur full-time.

Hawkman Smallville

Hawkman vs Clark Kent

Powers and Abilites

  • Clark's superhuman abilities are powered by the energy of Earth's yellow sun. His abilities usually appear suddenly and he must learn to control them. They seem to get stronger as Clark gets older.
  • Super Strength: Clark often uses his super strength to take care of the farm. He lifts farm equipment, plunges fence posts into the ground, and drives nails with his thumb. When Clark is directly exposed to sunlight his strength levels are greatly increased. Currently Clark Kent can't fly but he can jump very high.
  • Invulnerability: Clark's invulnerability has also increased with his age. He is immune to human illnesses and bullets bounce off him. Clark is also highly resistant to energy-based attacks. He is currently durable enough to survive a distant nuclear blast and survive re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere and fall to the Earth's surface without damage. (Hidden, Zod,)
  • Healing Factor: When Clark is wounded, he heals quickly if not instantaneously.
  • Super Speed: Clark can run at speeds faster than the speed of sound. He uses this speed to run between distant cities (Smallville to Metropolis) faster than a word can be spoken, but not as fast as Bart Allen. Clark can also swim at super speed but may not be as fast as Arthur Curry. He emits an aura when using his superspeed.
  • Super Stamina: Clark can run for long periods of time without getting tired. He demonstrated this in (Beast).
  • X-Ray Vision: Clark can see through any solid object except for lead. It may appear as a skeletal image similar to the ones seen on hospital x-rays, or it may be a full color image. Clark appears to have mastered the skeletal images over full colour.
  • Heat Vision: This power first manifested when Clark was 15 and was initially connected to his sex drive. Clark can also project force with his heat vision.
  • Super Hearing: When Clark was temporarily blinded at the age 16, this ability manifested to compensate. Clark can hear indirect whispers and both sides of telephone conversations.
  • Super Breath: At age 19, Clark was vulnerable in the Phantom Zone and returned to Earth with super strong sneezes. When he got better, he honed the sneezes as super breath.
  • Super Dexterity: Clark is able to throw a basketball into a hoop yards away easily. (Duplicity) When he failed to throw a football in a hoop, Martha Kent was shocked and stated that she had never seen him trip. (Jinx)
  • Flight: Brainwashed as Kal-El at age 17, Clark could fly in full control of this ability, but at 22 has yet to control it. However, he has had this innate ability since 14 but cannot consciously use it, probably because his physical mind hasn't developed the ability to control it. However he has mimicked flying a few times, making super leaps from building to building, jumping up at great speed onto missiles and off from bridges. He was also seen hovering a few feet off his bed while dreaming of Lana.
  • Longevity: According to Jordan Cross, Clark is capable of living for extremely long periods of time, explaining it as if he can "go on forever". Also, Jonathan Kent and the Martian Manhunter have stated that he may be immortal.
  • Microscopic and telescopic vision Clark has the ability to see things miles away.

Clark can hear Kryptonian beacons, and is able to mentally interface with Kryptonian artifacts to order them to fly into his hand as Kal-El. He has also had a possibly precognitive dream relating to the arrival of the second ship, though this is not clear. Although he has not been heard speaking it, Clark has been fluent in written Kryptonian language since about age 15 (it is unknown if he can understand or speak spoken Kryptonian). Clark does not have a photographic memory but can speed-read.

Clark Kent believes strongly in non-lethal combat and has never directly killed anyone using his powers. As a result, he has adopted a fighting style that depends largely on knocking opponents unconscious using his super-strength. He will sometimes combine these attacks with superspeed, in order to remain anonymous (or to sneak up on his opponents). He does use more force when battling more powerful metahumans or extraterrestrial beings.

Justice League Smallville-1

Clark Kent and Green Arrow


Clark is vulnerable to Kryptonite, radioactive remnants of his home planet, Krypton. The known variations of kryptonite affect him in different ways. Clark can protect himself from kryptonite radiation using lead. Removal of the substance reverses the effects.

Although most metahumans received their powers from green kryptonite, Clark's vulnerability or immunity towards each individual seems to vary based on unknown factors; some powers seem to be deflected due to his non-human status, while others appear to have limited effect due to his powers. Clark was also vulnerable to the magical abilities of Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux and the hypnotic abilities of Simone's gemstone. He is also vulnerable to the powers of various intergalactic creatures from the Phantom Zone and was incapacitated by Black Canary's sonic scream (Although his heightened hearing might have contributed to this more than any actual weakness on his part). As Clark got closer to Lana, he was experiencing large exposures to kryptonite without being in intensive pain until he touched her and seconds later kissed her. He wasn't able to get up as quickly as usual (after exposure to kryptonite) and could barely speak, struggling with the words: "I love you too".

Justice League Smallville

The Martian Manhunter, Clark Kent and Green Arrow


Most of Clark's personality traits are the direct result of his modest farm upbringing. Being very close to both of his parents, Clark was respectful, obedient and highly valued their approval. Raised with a strong moral background, he does not like invasions of privacy, thinks the bad guys should be punished and wants things to be fair. Clark is also hard-working and usually does not place much value in material possessions.

Two traits of Clark Kent that have been prominent for most of the series have been his positive view on humanity and his self-loathing of not being human. He is idealistic and has the ability to always find the good in people, which manifests itself into a willingness to trust others to a fault. Clark's optimistic opinions may also be somewhat inherent; while amnesiac, he retained a positive attitude of the people around him. He strongly believes that feelings such as compassion are synonymous to the human race, and thinks humans are, on the whole, noble beings.

Hawkman vs Clark Kent-1

Hawkman vs Clark Kent

Clark has often expressed a desire to be human and disdain towards his alien heritage, probably because he feels his biology hinders his humanity despite several people telling him that humanity is more than biology. This self-loathing is probably why Clark internalizes situations and believes everything is his fault, or revolves around him in some fashion. It deeply affects him when his loved ones suffer because of his secret, as he fails to consider that people who love him would willingly suffer for him and instead blames himself for any trouble that befalls them. He considers knowing his secret a burden to bear that puts the secret-keeper in danger. He often feels guilt about things over which he had no control and because of this, does not consider himself a hero. Clark also struggles with the fact that he cannot save every endangered person and as such, feels that his heroic deeds are inadequate.

This inferiority complex also extends to how Clark feels about his own race since he was quick to judge that Kryptonians are evil until discovering that they, like humans, were capable of love and compassion as well as hate and evil. Clark has made some improvements toward accepting who he is, expressing gratefulness for his abilities and taking pride in his compassion for the human race, which he views as a strength. However, recent events have caused Clark to abruptly change his mind about his compassionate side, and he now feels like caring too much for humans limits his ability to save them. As he has grown older, Clark has begun to realize that the circumstances surrounding his destiny affect a greater circle than his small hometown and has clearly decided to embark on his Kryptonian training in the near future. However, after reuniting with Lana Lang in the fall of 2007, he abandoned these plans and declared his intent to attempt to make a "normal" life with her on the farm. After Lana moved away from Smallville, accompanied by a near-death experience when he was temporarily rendered powerless, Clark resolved to take a more active role in his destiny and took a job at the Daily Planet to be certain of being in "the thick of the action". In conjunction with this decision he begun to use his powers in a more active manner.

Clark Kent and Zatanna

Clark Kent and Zatanna

Clark can be impulsive and often acts before thinking things through, doing things without considering the real-world repercussions or adverse outcomes, despite his good intentions. Unsurprisingly, Clark has a hero complex, often trying to save lives at any and all costs. He has willingly risked his own life to save his loved ones and has, on many occasions, offered the Kents' home to individuals seeking refuge. Clark has a temper which can come out when the people he loves are put into danger. Clark is also very comfortable around children and enjoys situations in which he gets to be a "big brother" figure.

Additionally, because he closely guards his secret, Clark can sometimes be dishonest. He often makes up lies to explain his sudden presence or absence as well as his knowledge of mysterious things. He seems slightly less mature than his friends, although this could be the result of his sheltered upbringing. Clark has also been known to whine, mope, or pout, especially about his roller-coaster relationship with Lana Lang. His family and friends have repeatedly told him that he shouldn't bottle up his emotions until they get the best of him. Clark has also shown to be somewhat of a workaholic, using work to cope or avoid his problems, or working unreasonably long hours.

Clark has a few ironic traits to his personality: He is afraid of heights despite the fact that he can survive almost any fall and he is also habitually late despite being able to run at teleportation-like speeds. Finally, and perhaps most ironically, Clark highly values trust in a relationship, despite his constant lies to protect his secret. He is good at math and his interests include playing football and basketball, astronomy and journalism.

High School

Season One

In his freshman year, Clark's closest friends were Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan. The three worked on the high school newspaper, the Smallville Torch, together for Smallville High School. Clark's duties were minimal, such as writing the lunch menu and other small articles.

Clark was accidentally hit by Lex Luthor's car, causing them to fall into a river. He was unharmed and swam to the bottom of the river to save Lex from drowning. Lex tried to reward Clark with a new truck, but Jonathan refused it. Frustrated, Clark confessed to Jonathan that he didn't dive in after Lex's car; he was actually hit by it. Jonathan told him how he and Martha found him and a spacecraft, which they hid in the storm cellar. Confused and angry, Clark went to a graveyard to gather his thoughts where he had his first conversation with his eternal crush, Lana Lang. Clark finally realized the effect of meteor rock on him when Lana's boyfriend, Whitney Fordman, saw Clark and Lana talking, then chose Clark to be the traditional Scarecrow, weakening him with Lana's necklace.

Whitney strung him up in a field, but Clark was saved from his post by Lex. He then stopped the vengeful metahuman Jeremy Creek, another past Scarecrow, from electrocuting the students of Smallville High. Against his parents' judgment, Clark tried out for the football team his freshman year as a starting tailback. However, after stopping Coach Walt Arnold from using his pyrokinetic abilities on others, Clark resigned from the team.

Clark met many metahumans his freshman year: those who used their abilities to keep themselves alive and achieve their vengeful goals, such as Sean Kelvin and Tina Greer, and those that would seem to be cursed with their gifts and use them to help others, such as the blind, precognitive Cassandra Carver, the persuasive hermit Kyle Tippet, and the young telepath Ryan James.

When Clark saved the life of a classmate, depressed and abused Eric Summers, he temporarily lost his powers. Eric wandered away from their geology class field trip and, holding a meteor rock, was about to jump off of a bridge. As Clark tried to pull Eric to safety, the two were struck by lightning and Clark's abilities were transferred to Eric. Clark remarked that his farm chores took two hours instead of five minutes, but it was worth it to be able to play pick-up basketball with his classmates. He also considered the possibility that if he were to get his abilities back, he might not have to keep them a secret because everyone accepted Eric. However, Eric then attacked Clark by throwing him against a car, injuring his ribs. When Eric continued to act psychotically violent, Clark reclaimed his abilities because he realized that, unlike himself, Eric did not have a supportive family to help him manage the responsibility that came with the powers.

By the end of his freshman year, Clark's powers had steadily increased. After being caught in an exploding truck, he remarked that he barely felt the heat from explosion and the debris did not even bruise him. After personal struggles, Whitney set his differences with Clark aside and asked him to look after Lana after he enlisted in the Marines.

Clark sometimes considered the possibility of a romantic relationship with Chloe, but was worried that it would mean losing her as a friend and still held hope that he and Lana were meant to be together. When Chloe was kidnapped, Clark saved her, and faced with the possibility that he could have lost her forever, he decided to take her to the Spring Formal. They almost kissed, but the news of tornadoes in Smallville interrupted their evening together and he left her to rescue Lana.

Season Two

Clark was among the hundreds of volunteers who helped restore Smallville after the devestating tornadoes. He urgently searched for his missing father while at the same time trying to sort out his feelings for Lana and Chloe. Trying to mask her hurt from being left at the dance, Chloe convinced Clark that she had decided that they would be better off as friends and Clark believed her.

Clark developed heat vision the first day of his sophomore year. Triggered by hormones connected to his sex drive, he has since learned to control his new gift. Clark was briefly jailed as a suspected arsonist after Desirée Atkins claimed he had set fire to her car. He started a fire in the holding cell and when Sheriff Ethan opened the cell door, he escaped, only to later receive a lecture from the sheriff and cleared of all charges once Desirée was arrested for the attempted murder of her husband, Lex.

Defying his parents, Clark revealed his origins and powers to Pete when Pete found Clark's ship in a cornfield and asked Clark to help him move it. At first, Pete was angry with Clark for not trusting him and stopped speaking to him. However, Pete was kidnapped by Dr. Steven Hamilton, who threatened to kill him unless he revealed Clark's secret. Clark came to Pete's rescue and the two worked together to escape Dr. Hamilton. Understanding the responsibility and danger of knowing Clark's secret, Pete forgave Clark for keeping it from him.

Clark bought a class ring that had red meteor rock in it, discovering the drug-like effects it has on him. He became rebellious and somewhat dangerous for the first time. Pete and Jonathan had to work together to overpower Clark and destroy the ring.

Clark met his adoptive maternal grandfather, William Clark, for the first time and was determined to end the strife between William and Jonathan. He was dismayed to learn that his parents became estranged from William when he was adopted, because they didn't think they could trust William with Clark's secret.

Clark discovered the Kawatche Caves, where he met Kyla Willowbrook, a Granville High School student doing research in them. Clark and Kyla had an instant connection and grew very close. For the first time in his life, he felt like everything fit and like they were destined to be together. The caves contained a series of elaborate drawings and symbols, along with a depression in the wall shaped exactly like his key and, according to Kyla, depicted the legend of Naman, which Clark believed contained clues to his origins. After Kyla's death, Clark convinced Lex to preserve the caves. Lex hired Dr. Frederick Walden to do research on the caves and their strange markings, while giving Clark unlimited access to the caves. However, in Lex and Lionel's endless battle for LuthorCorp, Lex lost control and Lionel took over their exploration.

Clark decided to ask Lana out on a date and she accepted. However, he had to break their date because Pete and Chloe got infected with a parasite from the cave, which caused wild and impulsive behavior. Pete slipped a piece of red meteor rock into Clark's shirt and Clark joined in on the fun. Not realizing that her friends were under undue influences, Lana got upset with Clark and their relationship stalled yet again. Clark saved Pete and Chloe, but it meant having to lie to Lana about his own behavior.

When Martha and Clark were exposed to meteor-rock-bearing spores in the storm cellar, they became deathly ill. Martha was admitted to the hospital (where her pregnancy was revealed), but Jonathan kept Clark at home to avoid risk of Clark's alien physiology being discovered. Chloe came to visit Clark, and while he was sleeping, confessed her true feelings in the form of a letter. However, Chloe left in tears when Clark called for Lana in his sleep. Jonathan placed the key in the spaceship, causing the craft to unleash a burst of energy that restored Clark and Martha to good health.

Clark began to have dreams of putting the key in the hole in the cave wall and decided to do it, against his parents' wishes. When he did, he learned how to read the alien language and translated it for his parents. Beyond his control, Clark burned the symbol for "hope" into the side of the barn with his heat vision. Dr. Virgil Swann saw the symbol in a newspaper and contacted Clark. Dr. Swann translated a message which had been sent 13 years ago: "This is Kal-El of Krypton. Our infant son, our last hope. Please protect him and deliver him from evil. We will be with you, Kal-El, for all the days of your life." Clark learned that his home planet was called Krypton and all the meteor rocks are also from Krypton.

After returning, Clark and Jonathan opened the ship for the first time and Clark translated the message from his Kryptonian biological father: "On this third planet from this star Sol, you will be a god among men. They are a flawed race. Rule them with strength, my son. That is where your greatness lies." Clark was horrified at the idea that he was sent to conquer and rule Earth.

In his second brush with the law, Clark served 40 hours of community service for a misdemeanor battery charge brought against him after he attacked Andy Arthur, a college frat boy attempting to assault Lana. Andy brought a million-dollar lawsuit against the Kents. Clark later found out that Andy was faking his injuries and he talked Lana into using her newfound karate skills to make Andy drop the lawsuit.

Because he was helping Lana, Clark forgot to write an article for the Torch and he and Chloe got in a fight about it. He subsequently quit the newspaper. Lana decided to give Clark another chance and made him a birthday cake; they shared their first kiss. However, this time, knowing how Chloe felt about Clark, the next day, it was Lana who put a hold on their relationship again, because she was concerned that it would ruin all three of their friendships. Clark convinced her that it was worth the risk and Lana was persuaded, but only if Clark promised to tell Chloe. With the commotion surrounding Dr. Walden and the ship, Clark was unable to before Chloe figured it out herself. Chloe confronted Clark and broke off their friendship completely.

On Clark's birthday, the ship began broadcasting the message "The day is coming," which only Clark and Dr. Walden could hear. Clark found Dr. Walden at his barn with the key and with a powerful ability to project energy. Later, Jor-El called to him through the ship, saying that it was time to leave Smallville forever for him to fulfill his destiny. When Clark defiantly resisted, Jor-El burned the sign of his ancestors on Clark's chest as a warning of any future disobedience. Thinking the only way to escape his biological father's grip was to destroy the ship, Clark stole Lionel's kryptonite key with Pete's help and put in the ship. The pulse from the exploding ship rolled Jonathan and Martha's truck, causing her to miscarry the baby. Feeling immense guilt and sorrow, Clark stole a red kryptonite class ring from Chloe's desk at the Torch, took his father's motorcycle, and ran away to Metropolis under the influence of red kryptonite.

In Between

During his first evening in Metropolis, Clark enters a bar where he meets a woman named Chastity. After a fight with the patrons, Clark takes her to his hotel room. For some additional money, she recommends him to Mick (her cousin) who runs Intergang. After hearing where Clark is from, Chastity mentions that he is a good man to stick around, to which he responds by kicking her out of the room.

He goes to the nightclub Echo Chambers to meet Mick only to be turned away (but not before checking out an envelope containing a flight information). Afterward, Clark hijacks a plane to steal some diamonds. Returning to the city to deposit them, he passes Jonathan by.

Season Three

Three months later, still under the influence of red kryptonite and living in Metropolis, Clark went under the alias of "Kal." He got involved with a crime lord, Morgan Edge, who hired him to break into LuthorCorp. Jonathan made a deal with Jor-El to help bring Clark back home to Smallville by promising to release Clark to Jor-El when it came time to fulfill his destiny. Jonathan temporarily received Kryptonian powers and battled Clark, ultimately leading to Clark's homecoming. However, Edge tracked him down and demanded that he return Lionel's package (which contained a vial of Clark's blood). Edge learned of Clark's weakness to kryptonite and nearly sold him to Lionel, but Clark escaped. What happened to the money he stole or how he covered it up is unknown; Clark simply said he tipped off the police about the money's whereabouts.

Clark was shot in the hand and shoulder by a kryptonite bullet made by Van McNulty, who believed Clark to be a metahuman. With Clark passed out on the kitchen floor, Jonathan and Martha saved him by extracting the bullet from Clark's shoulder using a knife and pliers.

The Conroys moved to Smallville and into Lana's old house. While studying in his loft, Clark fell into a deep sleep and his dreams were penetrated with cries for help from Sarah Conroy, who was being kept in a drug-induced coma by her uncle and legal guardian, Nicholas. His parents were unable to wake him for over a day. Upon waking, Clark and Lana investigated the situation, but were thwarted by Nicholas. Sarah managed to keep a hold on Clark and he dozed off again while driving, wrecking the family truck. In their shared dreams, Clark was able to save Sarah from Nicholas and wake them both up by encouraging her to face her uncle.

Clark learned that Earth's sun was the source of his powers when a solar flare caused them to go into overdrive or fail completely. During this time, he met the drunk Perry White. Perry witnessed Clark's powers, but since he was perpetually drunk, nobody believed him. Under the effects of the solar flare, Clark became vulnerable and Perry was convinced that everything he saw from Clark was probably a drunken hallucination.

In an attempt to save Lex's life, Clark revealed his powers to Lex by taking the hit of a car. However, Lionel had Lex's mind erased of the past seven weeks, and Clark's secret remained safe.

While trying to prevent a robbery, Clark tried to use his heat vision on the metahuman thief Nathan Dean, but the heat blast was reflected off of a Kryptonite gem, which blinded him temporarily. While blind, Clark gained the use and control of his super-hearing. He learned of Chloe's deal with Lionel and they did not speak to each other for a time. They came to a tentative agreement that Chloe might not understand everything about him, but he would tell her when he was ready. When Clark and Lana were hypnotized into trying to kill Chloe, Clark felt guilty, so he forgave Chloe for making a bad decision in a moment of weakness and their friendship was repaired.

Clark discovered one of his classmates, Alicia Baker, was a metahuman with the power to teleport anywhere she wanted. The two were forced to reveal their powers to each other while in a crashing elevator. Their shared secrets brought them together and they began dating. However, Alicia became completely obsessed with Clark, inserting herself into every aspect of his life. She attempted to kill Lana so she could have Clark all to herself, but Clark saved Lana just in time.

When Lionel tried to extract information about Clark from Dr. Swann, Clark accused Swann betraying him. He learned that Jor-El was waiting for Jonathan to fulfill his end of the bargain they made to bring Clark from Metropolis.

Under the guise of concern for his son, Lionel asked Clark to intervene when Lex began using an experimental treatment at the Summerholt Institute to recover lost memories, which involved submersion in a tank filled with a liquid kryptonite solution. When Clark went to rescue Lex, he was weakened by the solution, allowing Dr. Lawrence Garner to overpower him and place him inside the tank. Clark went into seizures as he recovered his earliest memory of his birth parents. He almost died, but Lex arrived just in time to save him.

Clark was stabbed in the stomach by Jeremiah Holdsclaw with the Starblade, an ancient Kawatche artifact apparently made of kryptonian metal. He almost bled to death, but Jor-El healed him through Jonathan and Clark survived. Clark also learned that either Lex or Lionel would be his ultimate enemy.

Many major events happened as Clark finished his junior year. Lana announced that she was moving to Paris and Clark decided to reveal his secret to her to make her stay. But when Pete was beaten up by one of Lionel's lackeys, Clark changed his mind because he did not want to put Lana in danger. Clark said goodbye to his longtime friend when Pete's parents got divorced and Pete decided to move to Wichita with his mother. Lionel told Clark about Lex's secret room, which contained the evidence of Lex investigating his secrets. Clark declared that since Lex had not stopped researching him, their friendship was over. However, he kept his promise to testify against Lionel.

Clark also met "Kara", a beautiful girl who claimed to be from Krypton. Kara enticed him to fulfill his destiny and recreate Krypton with her and also revealed the deal made between Jonathan and Jor-El. Still reeling from all the recent goodbyes and revelations, Clark decided to go with Kara. As Clark prepared to leave with Kara, Jonathan arrived with proof that Kara was being used by Jor-El to lure Clark to him. When Clark refused to go into a portal in the cave wall, Jor-El dissipated Kara and hit Jonathan with a bolt of energy, threatening to kill him if Clark refused him again. Despite Jonathan's pleas, Clark entered the light and disappeared.

Season Four

Three months later, Clark reappeared in Smallville in a cornfield as Kal-El with no recollection of his life as Clark Kent. He was found by Lois Lane, who took him to the hospital, where Martha came and took him back to the Kent Farm, hoping that Clark would return to normal. Kal-El insisted that it was his destiny to collect the Kryptonian Stones of Power, and was summoned by the first one: the Crystal of Fire, which was recovered by Lex in Egypt. He flew away, took the stone from Lex, and put it in an altar in the Kawatche Caves. Martha contacted Dr. Virgil Swann to help free Clark from Kal-El and Dr. Swann sent his associate, Bridgette Crosby. Crosby gave Martha a piece of black kryptonite and Martha used it to separate Clark from Kal-El; Clark then used the black kryptonite to eliminate Kal-El. Back to normal, Clark began to help Lois investigate Chloe's murder. They discovered that Chloe was indeed alive and saved her from a metahuman assassin.

During his senior year, Clark again went against his parents' wishes and joined the football team, becoming the star quarterback in his rookie year. Unsurprisingly, he successfully took the team to an undefeated season and a state championship. Clark won a football scholarship from Metropolis University, but turned it down when he realized that he would be under too much scrutiny to conceal his powers.

Clark befriended Bart Allen, a boy that also had super-speed and used it to pickpocket and steal. He helped Bart realize that he should not use his powers to commit crimes or hurt others. Clark learned that Lex had a manuscript with a hidden map to another Stone of Power. Bart stole the map to sell it, putting both of their lives in danger. However, Clark's influence made Bart decide to give it back; he saved Clark and left Smallville, promising to try to live a more moral life.

Lionel Luthor obtained the Stone of Water and used it to switch bodies with Lex until Clark intervened; Clark and Lionel ended up switching bodies instead. Lionel discovered Clark's powers and began to wreak havoc on Clark's friends and family. In Lionel's body, Clark caused a riot in prison to enable him to return to his own body.

Even though he was preparing for a visit from a representative from Princeton University, Lois convinced Clark to throw a birthday party for Chloe in his barn. The party got raucous and out of hand when Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux and her companions attended, possessing the bodies of Lana, Chloe, and Lois. They stripped Clark of his powers when he tried to stop him; he received them back when he touched the Crystal of Fire. When Clark destroyed Isobel's spell book with his heat vision, the girls returned to normal.

Alicia Baker returned to Smallville and she and Clark rekindled their relationship. However, in an effort to convince him to run away with her, she gave Clark a red kryptonite necklace and the two ran away to Las Vegas to get married. On their wedding night, Alicia released Clark from the effects of the red kryptonite. His reasonable thinking restored, Clark was very angry at her for "drugging" him and broke up with her. Alicia apologized profusely and was even shot trying to protect his secret, so they later got back together. When Alicia was framed for attacking Lana and Jason Teague, then killed by another metahuman, Clark was brokenhearted and guilty. Also, unbeknownst to him, Alicia exposed Clark's powers to Chloe.

Much to Clark's extreme annoyance, when Lois got kicked out of Metropolis University, she asked if she could stay with the Kents until she got back on her feet. Clark offered her his room and slept on the living room couch for the rest of the school year. He did his farm chores at odd hours to avoid being caught by Lois. Clark also adopted a dog that Lois hit with her car, Shelby.

Before Dr. Swann died, he sent Clark one last letter and also gave him back his key. Clark placed it in the cave altar and established communication with Jor-El once again. Jor-El urged him to fulfill his destiny and collect the Stones of Power. Clark and Lana followed Jason and Lex to China to obtain the Crystal of Air. However, following another encounter with Isobel, Clark lost possession of the stone.

As his senior year drew to a close, Clark had many strange things happen to him; he got possessed by Dawn Stiles during his senior prom, lost his memory, and he and Lana found a rapidly-aging child left abandoned in a field.

Clark decided to attend Central Kansas A&M University so that he could commute while continuing to live at home and help his parents with the farm. The day he graduated from high school, Clark had a precognitive nightmare of something terrible happening in Smallville. Immediately after Clark accepted his diploma, the coming of another meteor shower was announced. Clark once again sought guidance from his Kryptonian birth father and Jor-El told him that he must reunite the Stones of Power immediately.

As the meteors began to bombard Smallville, Clark managed to find the other two Stones of Power and reunited them to form the Crystal of Knowledge. After grabbing the crystal, he was teleported to the Arctic where he threw the crystal into a blanket of snow and created the Fortress of Solitude.


Season Five

Clark entered the Fortress of Solitude, where Jor-El told him that he had to stay and prepare to save Earth from a great evil from Krypton. He began his training, but unbeknownst to him, Chloe was also transported to the Arctic with him. Unable to withstand the sub-zero temperatures, she collapsed inside the Fortress. Clark interrupted his training and Jor-El initially forbade him to leave, but relented. However, Clark was warned that he must return to the Fortress before sunset or there would be dire consequences.

Clark took Chloe to a hospital in the Yukon. There, she admitted that she discovered his powers months ago and Clark told her that he was, in fact, from another planet. Clark returned to Smallville and banished the Disciples of Zod to the Phantom Zone. When Lana was injured, he chose to take her to the hospital and did not return to the Fortress. Jor-El took Clark's powers, making him powerless.

Initially, Clark was not sorry to see them go. With no secrets between them anymore, Clark and Lana finally began a normal relationship. When three metahuman criminals from Belle Reve escaped and held Lana, Jonathan, and Martha hostage, Clark and Chloe were able to stop them without his abilities. When he discovered that Lex was responsible for their escape, Clark ended their friendship. Shortly after, Clark and Lana made love for the first time in Lana's apartment.

Days later, Clark was shot by Gabriel Duncan, who hatched a plan to redirect a nuclear missile to hit Smallville and kill all metahumans. Clark died, but Jor-El, temporarily possessing Lionel Luthor, resurrected him with his powers restored. However, Jor-El warned Clark that life-force of someone he loves will have to be traded for his own. Clark protested, saying he would rather die himself, but Jor-El informed him that Clark had already made the choice when he disobeyed him. Bitterly disappointed and apprehensive about Jor-El's prediction, Clark returned to Smallville, dismantled the missile in space, and saved the town.

Clark befriended his World History professor, Milton Fine. When Clark was infected with silver kryptonite, Fine revealed himself to be a Kryptonian and cured him. He later claimed that he was sent to watch over him and see that Clark walks the path of a true Kryptonian. However, when Fine infected Martha with a Kryptonian disease, Clark learned that Fine was actually the Brain InterActive Construct, a Kryptonian artificial intelligence that had, in fact, manufactured the silver kryptonite and was using Clark in a plot to release General Zod from the Phantom Zone.

With his abilities restored, Clark abstained from having sex with Lana. When she confronted him about it, Lana knew Clark was being less than truthful and the issue continued to drive a wedge between them. Clark admitted to Chloe that he wasn't sure what would happen and did not want to risk hurting Lana. Eventually, he realized that that he would lose Lana due to his secrecy, so he decided to take Chloe's advice.

Clark showed Lana the Fortress of Solitude, told her of his true origins, and proposed to her, which she later accepted. At Jonathan's election victory party, Lana was summoned away to the Luthor Mansion by Lex, who drunkenly asked about Clark's secret, and Jonathan was summoned away by Lionel. While driving back, Lana was chased by Lex and she was killed when a school bus collided with her car. Clark arrived too late to save her and having stopped at the accident site to comfort Clark, Jonathan never arrived to meet Lionel.

Devastated, Clark tearfully begged Jor-El to bring Lana back to life and Jor-El sent him back in time to the moment before he told her everything. Instead, Clark was forced to lie about why he invited her over. However, Lana saw through his excuse and told him that she wanted a break from their relationship. The second time, Clark was able to prevent the accident and save Lana, but Jonathan successfully made it to his meeting with Lionel. When Clark and Martha returned home, they saw Jonathan wandering around the farm. Having just beaten up Lionel, Jonathan collapsed to the ground and died in Clark's arms. Clark confessed to Martha that Jonathan died because he tried to prevent Lana's death.

Later, Clark told his mother that he "sort-of dropped out" of college to help with the farm. He also befriended a mysterious vigilante in Metropolis, Andrea Rojas. Andrea helped Clark find a thief who stole his father's watch from his mother and his experience with her helped Clark cope with his father's passing.

Clark met the seductive Simone who used a mystical amulet to hypnotize him to be her boyfriend. Under her control, he demonstrated his abilities to her and was about to engage in an intimate moment with Simone until Lana caught them. Simone was revealed to be sent by Lex to gain information on Clark. Instead, she told Clark to kill Lex. Chloe was able to stop him just in time with a chunk of kryptonite. During the confrontation, Simone's amulet was broken and Clark regained his senses. Realizing that all he seemed to bring to Lana was pain, Clark lies to Lana and said that he was no longer in love with her and they broke up.

Clark searched for Milton Fine in Honduras. When he returned to Smallville, he learned that Lana had become addicted to a kryptonite-based drug that allows a person to die for a brief period of time and communicate with their deceased loved ones. While trying to save Lana, Clark was injected with the drug and died. In the afterlife, he had a conversation with Jonathan in which he learned that Lionel knew his secret. When Clark returned to life, he began to watch Lionel closely.

Clark and Martha briefly took in a little girl, Maddie Van Horn. Maddie had been mute ever since her birth mother's death and Clark was able to get her to open up to him and start talking again. Clark helped Maddie gain control of her powers and reunited her with her grandmother.

Clark was forced to confirm what Lionel already knew when Lionel and Martha were kidnapped by a vindictive former LuthorCorp employee. In order to save his mother's life, he had to reveal his powers to Lionel. Clark later confronted Lionel, most likely to gauge exactly what he would do with his newfound information. Lionel maintained that he cared too much about Martha to expose Clark, but Clark did not believe him.

Clark saved the life of a stranger, Graham Garrett, who vowed to repay Clark for his kindness. Unfortunately, Graham was a hit man with the ability to make himself invisible and he decided to kill Lex as a way to repay Clark. When he went to the Luthor Mansion to warn Lex, Clark saw Lex and Lana kissing. Symbolically, the telescope he used to admire Lana from afar "broke" on the same day she came to tell him that she and Lex were in a relationship.

On his birthday, Clark saw his father's ghost, who told him that he had to kill Lionel. Clark and Chloe discovered that Lionel had meetings scheduled about "The Weapon." Thinking that Lionel planned to use him as a weapon, Clark called Lionel to the barn and started to beat him up. Lionel tried to explain his presence that night, but Clark was too emotional to listen. When Jonathan appeared again, Lionel convinced Clark that the image was not his father, but a Brainiac duplicate. Knowing his father would not want him to become a murderer, Clark attacked the impostor. Lionel went into a trance and vaporized the Brainiac copy. Lionel showed him an entire closet filled with papers covered in Kryptonian symbols that he wrote. Chloe and Clark translated the symbols as "Zod is coming."

When Lex was kidnapped by Brainiac and given Kryptonian powers, Jor-El explained to Clark that Zod was responsible for Krypton's destruction and that his mind and spirit required a host body to inhabit on Earth. In order to prevent Zod's release, Clark must destroy Zod's chosen vessel: Lex. He was given a Kryptonian dagger to do so. When Fine approached Clark, he refused to release Zod. Fine then released a computer virus which spread rapidly to every major city on Earth. With Metropolis in chaos, Clark went to get Chloe, but she urged him to go without her and stop Zod. Saying she might never see him again, Chloe gave him a passionate kiss. Clark confronted Zod in Lex's body, but he was overpowered and thrown into the Phantom Zone.

Season Six

While in the Phantom Zone, Clark found himself powerless and surrounded by deadly beings imprisoned by Jor-El. He met Raya, a Kryptonian who was one of Jor-El's assistants. Raya helped Clark escape just in time to save Martha and Lionel. Clark confronted General Zod and, after a brutal fight, used the Crystal of El to separate Zod from Lex and send him back to the Phantom Zone.

After the Dark Thursday disaster, Clark began to rebuild what Zod had destroyed, working all night several nights in a row. He started feeling tired and sick and sneezed so powerfully, it blew the barn door off of its hinges and into the sky. With the sneeze, Clark developed a new power: super-breath. He used his newly-acquired power to save Lex and Lana from a burning lab.

Clark discovered that the Green Arrow was actually Oliver Queen. He revealed his powers to Oliver and prevented Lois and Chloe from discovering the Green Arrow's true identity. With Chloe's help, Clark learned that there were more "Zoners" in other parts of the world and that Raya escaped the Phantom Zone as well. He battled Gloria and Aldar. Raya found Clark and told him that he had to complete his training with Jor-El to save Earth from extinction. Together, they fought Baern, but during the battle, Baern killed Raya. After defeating Baern, Clark decided that he would begin his training after sending all of the escaped Zoners back to the Phantom Zone.

On Thanksgiving, due to Jonathan's absence and Raya's recent death, Clark told his mother that he wasn't feeling very thankful, but Martha insisted on inviting their closest friends for dinner. He also discovered that Oliver was taking a drug to speed up healing, but also caused erratic behavior and aggression. Clark unsuccessfully pleaded with Oliver to stop and ended up having to use the drug to save Lex. Oliver was suitably chastised and joined the Kents for Thanksgiving dinner, along with Lionel, Chloe, and Lois.

Clark found Javier Ramirez seeking refuge in his barn after running away from the McNally Farm. Empathizing with Javier's situation, he convinced Martha to let him locate Javier's mother and help them stay in the country.

Clark learned from Chloe that Lana may still be in love with him. Overly excited, he rushed over to the Luthor Mansion to see her, but was confronted by Lex. Denying him access, Lex told Clark that Lana was pregnant with his child. Lana came to Clark's loft to talk to him, but he told her that everything has changed. Clark also helped Oliver keep his secret from Lois. Disguised as the Green Arrow, he received his first kiss from Lois. Clark met Bart Allen again, but when Bart was captured by Lex, he learned that Oliver had assembled a team of superhumans to stop Lex's Level 33.1 activities. Clark went to save Bart, but he was incapacitated by kryptonite. The Green Arrow rescued him and Clark joined the other heroes in their effort to blow up the facility. Oliver asked Clark to join the team, but Clark told him he was obligated to capture the Zoners first.

A Zoner, Dr. Hudson, attacked Clark and caused him to believe he was a mental patient with no superpowers. Clark was able to break free from his delusion with the help of the Martian Manhunter, the mysterious entity who had saved him from Aldar.

After Lois tried on lipstick made with red kryptonite, she became infatuated with Clark. Lois kissed him, causing Kal to emerge. Kal and Lois crashed Lex and Lana's engagement dinner and Kal kidnapped Lana and tried to force her to choose between him and Lex. He tried to kill Lex until Martha secretly subdued him with green kryptonite just as Lex stabbed Clark with a chisel. However, neither of them saw Lana collect the bent chisel.

Due to her engagement to Lex, Lana (and by extension, Clark) became the focus of paparazzi. Clark avoided using his powers on the farm because he always felt like he was being watched. Lana hid from a potential stalker at the Kent Farm and Clark learned that Lana had been investigating him for months. However, he still saved her.

Tobias Rice revealed that Chloe was, in fact, meteor-infected and Chloe was abducted, but returned as Clark and Jimmy Olsen frantically searched for her. Chloe made Clark X-ray her and when he located a GPS tracking device inside her, she forced him to burn it out of her. Later, Clark promised to help Chloe control her powers if she ever develops any.

When the day of Lex and Lana's wedding arrived, Clark decided to tell Lana his secret. However, unbeknownst to him, Lana had already witnessed his powers earlier that day. She promised to meet him at his barn where Clark intended to propose. However, Lionel blackmailed Lana into going through with the wedding and Clark was heartbroken as he watched Lex and Lana exchange vows.

Angered about Lana's marriage, Clark resorted to hunting down metahumans and turning them over to the police. After getting a tip from Oliver, Clark found Titan, a Zoner featured on a lethal Internet fighting ring. After persuading the emcee, Richtor Maddox, to let him into the ring, Clark had to fight Lois, who had been trying to get a story but was caught. Clark and Titan duked it out, but eventually Titan was killed by his own spike when Clark knocked him through the air.

Chloe enlisted Clark's help when she discovered her mother, Moira Sullivan, was being held captive. However, under mind-control, she incapacitated Clark with green kryptonite and tried to leave town, but Lex apprehended her to use her as leverage against her mother. Chloe almost shot Lex, but Clark was able to recover and speed into the confrontation. He saved Lex and took Moira to safety. While Chloe was making arrangements for her mother, Moira began to slip back into her catatonic state, so Clark told her all about Chloe and her accomplishments. Chloe confessed to Clark that Lex had threatened her and Clark vowed to fight against him.

When Lex was trapped in a series of underground tunnels, Lionel pleaded with Clark to rescue him. However, the tunnels were laced with kryptonite and Clark injured his arm and grew weaker from the exposure. He located Lex, and they tried to find a way out while analyzing the breakdown of their friendship. Clark told Lex that Lana intended to leave him and wanted to know how Lex had forced her to marry him. He was dismayed when Lex honestly answered that Lana made her own choice. Eventually, Clark became too weak to continue and only after they relied on each other were they able to escape. Clark was shocked and pleased when Lana almost kissed him, but she left him to embrace Lex instead. Chloe informed Clark that Lana intended to let Lex die and only produced schematics for the tunnel when she learned that Clark was in danger too. Clark later told his mother that he felt responsible for Lex's descent into evil because he gave up on him too soon. Clark and Chloe later had an argument about her keeping secrets about Lana from him.

Clark went to see Lionel to ask him why Lana went through with the wedding. When Lionel lied, saying he had nothing to do with it, Clark threatened him. Clark suspected that Chloe knew the reason, but she refused to tell him. Clark had Lois stay with him and his mother at the Kent Farm when she became a target for the super-soldier Wes Keenan. When Lois was taken by Wes, he tracked Wes down and managed to stop him with an extreme burst of heat vision.

Clark's mother accepted a position in the US Senate and moved to Washington, D.C. that May. She assured Clark that he did not have to stay behind and take care of the farm, but he maintained that the farm was the only home he'd ever had and it was his duty. He later met Lana in the loft. Lana told Clark she was leaving Lex and Smallville. Clark wanted to protect her, but Lana insisted that she needed to leave. He then told her the truth about himself. After an intense kiss, Lana told Clark that she had to stay away to protect him from Lionel. Clark later went to Lionel to confront him, but was stopped by the Martian Manhunter. Lionel and the Martian Manhunter explained that Lex was hunting the last phantom, Bizarro. Chloe helped Clark track Bizarro down and he told her that he told Lana the truth. He went to report his findings to Lionel, but Lionel regretfully had to tell him that Lana had died from a car bomb while trying to leave town. An emotional Clark went to find Lex, but they were confronted by Bizarro. After Bizarro took some of his DNA, he took on Clark's form and they fought each other. With their combined strength, Clark was thrown out of the Reeves Dam with Bizarro flying after him.

Season Seven

Bizarro chased Clark into the forest and informed him that he had all of Clark's memories and intended to kill him and live his life. Clark knocked Bizarro away while he saved a fisherman and his son from the approaching torrent, then returned to find Lionel but he was nowhere to be found. Instead, he found Lois and the unconscious Chloe and took them to the hospital. Clark waited for the doctors to revive her, but they were unsuccessful and admitted to Clark that she died. Distraught and grief-stricken, he lost control of his super-hearing, then focused on everything including on Chloe's cries for help. He rescued her from the morgue but Chloe refused to talk about her resurrection.

Clark beat Bizarro with the Martian Manhunter's help by punching him towards the Sun out of the Reeve's Dam. He later admitted to Chloe that he was angry enough to kill Lex. Clark then decided to start his Kryptonian training, because Lana's death showed him that the people he loves will not be around forever, and told Lois he was leaving Smallville. Together they found a ship but were both knocked away from it by its owner, a Kryptonian girl. Clark located her and she stated she was searching for Kal-El. Clark took her the farm and she revealed herself to be Kara, daughter of Jor-El's brother Zor-El. They realized that they were cousins and Clark had to inform Kara that Krypton had been destroyed. She told him that they still had to find her ship to prevent it from exploding and wiping out everything around it. and the ship disappeared. He let Kara stay with him at the farm, but went to ask Jor-El about her. Jor-El told him that Kara could have a hidden agenda and that his training begins with watching over her.

Clark took Kara to the Sweet Corn Festival where he noticed her interest in Jimmy Olsen. He tried to teach her how to control her heat vision, but Kara declared that she would learn on her own. They discovered a Kryptonian artifact in a time capsule. Clark went to investigate but was incapacitated by two metahuman beauty queens, who blasted meteor rocks at him. Kara rescued Clark and defeated them.

Clark was shocked to be approached by Lana, who was still alive. Lana explained that she faked her death to get out of her marriage with Lex and Clark offered her refuge, and they rekindled their relationship. However, he also learned from the Martian Manhunter that Kara and her family were enemies of his and Jor-El. The Martian Manhunter warned Clark not to trust Kara and to locate her missing crystal. Kara got upset that Clark didn't trust her and disappeared for weeks. While searching for the crystal, Clark learned that Chloe had decided to undergo a radical cure for her meteor-rock infection. He tried to talk her out of it, but then learned that the doctor involved, Curtis Knox, was actually killing his patients. Clark rescued her and turned Knox over to the Martian Manhunter. Clark saved the life of famous actress Rachel Davenport, but was forced to consider that his destiny might be more important than the life on the farm with Lana. Lana claimed she did not want to be the one holding Clark back, but Clark assured her that he had all he wanted with her.

Clark located Kara and rescued her from Agent Carter, who had given her a treatment designed to recall her memories of Krypton. Clark learned that his birth mother Lara-El had visited his home before his birth. He found a photograph of her, and also found Kara's crystal and hid it from her. Through reliving Kara's memories, Clark learned that his mother's DNA was encased in the crystal and shared this information with Lana.

Trying to reconnect with Lana, Clark arranged a romantic afternoon, but they were struck by lightning and his powers were incompletely transferred to her. Lana was amazed and excited by her now endless possibilities. She convinced him to try out super-powered lovemaking, but even afterward, Clark went to Lionel for advice on how to restore Lana to normal as soon as possible. When Lana used the powers to hurt Lois and Lex, Clark was forced to realize that she was not the same person she used to be. He discovered Lana's Isis Foundation and learned that she had been spying on Lex and kidnapped Lionel. He found Lana as she was assaulting Lex and reversed the transfer. Clark confronted Lana on her actions, but said he felt that her change was the result of his never trusting her. Lana declared that she made her own decisions.

Clark began to hear a voice calling out to him from the blue crystal, claiming to belong to his birth mother and urging him to take it to the Fortress. Once Clark did this, (despite Jor-El's warnings), replications of both Lara and his uncle Zor-El were formed. Clark took Lara to safety but Zor-El's evil nature was quickly revealed. Lara gave Clark his father's Victory ring containing blue kryptonite, inadvertently stripping Clark of his powers. Zor-El was then able to kidnap Lara to the Fortress and announce his plans to cause an eclipse that would wipe out the human population. He and Chloe were unable to get the ring off, so he went to confront Zor-El powerless. He subdued Zor-El with green kryptonite. Lara explained that Zor-El would only be stopped with the destruction of the blue crystal, which restored Clark's powers, but also destroyed both replicants and Kara disappeared. Clark asked Jor-El about Kara's whereabouts, but Jor-El replied that his defiance would not go unpunished.

He imprisoned him in a crystal for over a month, while Bizarro escaped and attempted to take over Clark's life. Lana fell in love with "Clark"'s new attentiveness and devotion, while Chloe began to suspect that something was wrong. When Bizarro went to the Fortress looking for the shield, Jor-El released Clark so he could defeat him. Chloe returned the shield to him and he was able to find the owner, Dax-Ur. Clark was shocked to see another Kryptonian, living like a human. Dax-Ur gave him blue kryptonite and Clark defeated Bizarro again.

Bizarro forced Clark to realize that Lana expects him to be something he is not and the distance between them was a source of strife, but Clark told her that he wanted to try to patch their relationship. When Clark learned that Chloe was helping Oliver Queen with missions and was subsequently attacked, he angrily confronted him. Oliver pointed out that while Clark is enjoying life on his farm, he and his team are doing meaningful work. Clark and Chloe were able to track down Chloe's attacker and Clark fought the Black Canary, whose sonic scream was able to incapacitate Clark. Eventually, they were able to show Black Canary that Green Arrow was not a terrorist. Clark assured Chloe that she hadn't been replaced as his sidekick.

Clark and Chloe learned Lex had been shot just after locating Kara. Clark volunteered to use an experimental interrogation procedure to enter Lex's subconscious and find his cousin's location. In addition, Clark witnessed a psychotic version of Lex that tried to kill him and forced him to watch a memory of an intimate moment between Lex and Lana. He saw Lionel's physical and verbal abuse of his wife and child when he met a childhood version of Lex, who Clark recognized as the part of Lex's personality who was still his friend. Clark left the ordeal with the idea that Lex's good side could possibly be found again. However, the procedure entered complications and Lex almost flatlined (which would have killed Clark as well), but Chloe used her meteor power to save Lex, killing herself for eighteen hours. A worried Clark watched over her until she woke and he asked her not to use her powers again. Chloe maintained that there must be a reason she had been given the gift and Clark respected her decision.

Upon Kara's return without her memory, Clark believed that she should be told the truth, but Lionel and Lana disagreed. Clark was shocked to receive a visit from his oldest friend Pete Ross. They talked about what had changed since he moved, and Pete revealed that he still blamed Clark for the way his life has gone since he moved away. He told Clark that he would show him how to be "real hero" with a temporary stretching power he'd acquired. Clark tried to get Pete to understand the danger of his power, but Pete refused to listen. Clark wound up having to save Pete from Lex's goons and Pete apologized and acknowledged that he should stop blaming Clark for his problems. However, Pete did inform Clark that Lionel was lying to him by hiding Kara's bracelet from him, prompting Clark to wonder if Lionel was really an ally.

Clark hid Kara's bracelet in the barn and intended to go to the Fortress to ask Jor-El to cure her when he was attacked by a team of men using kryptonite-enhanced taser guns. He was taken to a facility and imprisoned in a cage that emitted adjustable levels of kryptonite radiation. His captor, Pierce (the former security head of 33.1), was disgusted by his superhuman abilities and tortured him. Lionel was revealed to have created the cage and orchestrated Clark's abduction. He claimed that he was trying to protect him from Patricia Swann and objected to Pierce's torture. Pierce eventually overpowered Lionel and tried to kill Clark, but Kara saved him, having had her powers restored. Patricia Swann met him and introduced him. She gave him her father's diary, which contained all of the acquired information about the Traveler prophesy. She said that she would watch over him and knew that he was a force for good, before leaving for Metropolis. Clark returned Kara's bracelet to her and warned her against trusting the Luthors, saying that they were a lost cause, before confronting Lionel and realizing that he was still the same evil man he used to be.

Brainiac resurfaced shortly afterward and unsuccessfully tried to get Kara to leave with him. The cousins fought him off but he vowed to return. Kara suggested she teach Clark how to fly, but Clark didn't really try to learn, convinced that he does not have the ability yet. Clark confronted Lionel about his role in Veritas, in the Isis Foundation while searching for Lana, but did not believe that Lionel had changed. Brainiac forced the cousins' hands by attacking Lana and using her to deliver a message. Against Clark's wishes, Kara left with Brainiac in order to save Lana. Clark was devastated from guilt and grief when Lana remained in a catatonic state, unresponsive to her surroundings, only delivering messages from Brainiac, informing him that he was "too late."

Clark asked Chloe to help him search outer space for Kara and Brainiac. Additionally, he spent most of his free time by Lana's hospital bed, but she only continued to get worse. They were looking for Brainiac when Lionel Luthor seemingly committed suicide. Chloe and Clark had their suspicions that Lex was responsible. Lois and Jimmy, also investigating the story, got imprisoned in a freezer by Lex's assistant Gina, and Clark was able to find and rescue them. Clark found a message for him left by Lionel, explaining that he must collect the Veritas keys to stop whoever could control him, the Traveler. Clark confronted Lex over Lionel's grave but they didn't say anything to each other. Clark later contemplated that all of the father figures in his life have died protecting his secret. After Lionel's death, Clark ignored his warning and placed all his priorities on curing Lana and finding Brainaic. He realized that the entries Swann's journal were changing, indicating that the past was being changed. He got a message to save Lana at the Fortress, and when he went, he heard Kara's voice. Kara explained that she was back in time on Krypton, trying to stop Brainiac from killing an infant Kal-El. Clark fell into a depression and decided that Earth would have been better off if he had never arrived. Jor-El then showed him such an alternate reality. Clark saw that his parents and friends were happy and healthy, but without his presence, Brainiac and Lex were taking over the world, causing mass destruction. This motivated him enough to go back in time and stop Brainaic and bring Kara home.

Thinking he had defeated Brainiac, Clark continued to try to cure Lana, but she continued to deteriorate. Lex confronted Clark about Lana's condition, correctly guessing that Clark knew more about it than he was admitting. At the same time, Clark tracked down the last remaining member of Veritas, Edward Teague. Clark followed Teague to Montreal. Teague felt that Clark failed to do what he should have done to stop Lex. He had no choice but to perform a Kryptonian ritual to sacrifice the Traveler to prevent possible world domination. Teague carved the symbol of his ancestors into Clark's chest and left him to die, but Chloe arrived shortly after and saved him. Clark was able to stop a battle between Lex and Teague.

Back in Smallville, Clark realized that eventually, he might be forced to make a painful and conflicting decision: to save the world, he would have to kill Lex Luthor. Lois suggested that Clark apply to work at the Daily Planet, but Clark declared that he'd never work for Lex. Suspecting that Kara killed Edward Teague, he and Chloe decided to confront Kara on her recent strange behavior. Chloe volunteered to talk to her alone, where it was revealed that "Kara" was Brainiac in disguise. He attacked Chloe as well, but weakened himself, but not before he told Lex that Clark was the Traveler. While Clark was visiting Chloe in the hospital, he realized that Brainiac was still alive. He confronted Brainiac, who tried to use Clark's morals against him, saying he would never willingly kill another person. Clark made the decision to destroy Brainiac because he was, in fact, a machine.

Chloe and Lana recovered fully and Clark rushed to Lana's side, only to find her gone, but having left him a video message. In the message, Lana stated that she loves him, but the world needed him more, so she left town and asked him not to look for her. Clark was heartbroken and devastated over the end of their relationship, and Lois tried to comfort him with a friendly hug.

In the midst of this, Jimmy went to Clark when Chloe was arrested and admitted that he'd made a deal with Lex. He told Clark that Lex had disappeared, but had been making frequent trips to the Arctic. Clark went to the Fortress to confront his former friend, but Lex has obtained an orb that would control him. Clark tried to plead with Lex and appeal to the part that was his friend, but Lex had convinced himself that it was his destiny to defeat the Traveler. When Lex tried to activate the orb, the Fortress began to crumble on top of them.

Season Eight

Clark woke up on a fishing boat, powerless. He was captured by Russians and forced to do manual labor for four weeks until he was rescued by Oliver Queen. Clark told Oliver about his confrontation with Lex and Chloe Sullivan's capture, and Oliver revealed that he knew where Chloe probaby was. Despite having no powers, Clark insisted they rescue her. Oliver fell victim to a mind-control serum and shot Clark in the chest. As he lay dying, Clark had a vision of a very young Lana and his parents, just before Martian Manhunter appeared and flew Clark to the sun. He woke up fully-healed and realized that he had been holding onto a life on the farm that no longer existed. He decided to apply for a position at the Daily Planet and was hired as a reporter/copy-boy.

When Clark arrived to his first day at the Daily Planet, his now-coworker Lois Lane quickly took him under her wing. A bus exploded outside of the building that morning and Clark quickly began helping the victims, including his new boss, Tess Mercer. Clark encountered Chloe at the scene and suggested she come back to the Planet, but Chloe said she thought she might try something new. Later, Tess met with him and informed him that she was now in charge of all of Lex's possessions and assets. He and Lois investigated the explosion, where Clark met Davis Bloome and a young metahuman girl named Bette, who, coincidentally, had both also met Chloe. Clark realized Bette was responsible for the explosion and saved Chloe from Bette, talking her into receiving treatment.

Clark asked Chloe about her engagement and Chloe admitted that she hadn't told him because she wasn't ready for things to change between them. Clark simply told her that her happiness was very important to him.

Clark attended a fundraiser with Chloe when Oliver was poisoned. As they tried to find a cure, Chloe displayed her new ability to read and process information. Clark was shocked and upset that she was still affected by her attack from Brainiac. However, Chloe brushed off his concern, saying there was nothing they could do. The search for the antidote led him to Tess Mercer who had cured the same poison before when she and Ollie were stranded on an island. Clark ran to Brazil to get the antidote and saved Ollie. Later, having discovered that Lionel killed his parents, Oliver was angry Clark for not telling him and told him that if he ever wanted to be a hero, he'd have to face his own fears.

Clark adjusted to living on the farm by himself with just his dog. He and Lois investigated a murder caused by Maxima, an alien queen who came to Earth in search of her soul-mate, the last remaining Kryptonian, information received from Chloe. Clark warned Chloe about the dangers of her Brainiac infection again, then tracked Maxima down after she wounded Jimmy Olsen. She confronted him and kissed him, entrancing Clark. Lois caught them making out in the elevator and Clark tried to explain his actions. Maxima told Clark he would be lonely forever but Clark banished her back to her planet. Later, Chloe revealed that she was deeply in love with Clark when they were younger, but not anymore. Clark, unaware of the intensity of her feelings, began to question if he would know if he did meet his soul mate, or if he would be blind to it. He offered Lois a place to live, but she turned him down.

Clark and Chloe learned that Tess was in possession of his Crystal of Knowledge. Clark wanted to use it to restore the Fortress and cure Chloe, but when Chloe asked Tess about it, Tess reported that it had been stolen.

At Chloe and Jimmy's engagement party, Clark salvaged a toast from a drunken Lois, saying Chloe had never seemed happier. The next morning, they learned that Chloe and Jimmy were missing. While investigating, Lois suggested they pose as a happy couple. They ran into Oliver Queen in a jewelery store and Lois told him that she and Clark were getting married. Clark played along but finally left Lois alone to investigate on his own. Chloe and Jimmy were returned safely, but were able to recall some things the kidnapper said to them. Recognizing some phrases as identical to the jeweler, Clark was able to locate a kidnapped Lois. He held the two hostage and forced Lois to admit that she loved Clark with a lie detector, but Clark overpowered him. Lois was embarrassed by her confession, but claimed she slipped the sensor off of her finger, leaving Clark to wonder if she was telling the truth or not.

Clark began obsessively tracking a serial killer in Metropolis and discovered that Davis Bloome was frequently at the crime scene. He questioned him but Davis maintained his innocence. Clark also considered the killer was a meteor freak and asked Chloe to provide names of her Isis Foundation clients, also suggesting Davis might be involved. Chloe became angry and they argued over Clark's assumption that all metahumans are dangerous. They eventually made up and solved the case. Clark realized that he had a lot of misplaced guilt over not being able to save everyone, and Martian Manhunter, in his new roles as Detective John Jones, reminded him that he should continue to save people but not be consumed. He also warned him to be more discreet. Jones was proven correct when Jimmy Olsen began tracking his good deeds, calling the mysterious benefactor the "Good Samaritan". After Jimmy took a photograph of Clark super-speeding, he realized that Clark was indeed the city savior, but Clark enlisted Oliver Queen and Chloe to help fool Jimmy into thinking he was mistaken. At the same time, Clark saved Lois from a hitman sent to her by Tess. Chloe told Clark that he should consider adopting a secret identity and Oliver, inspired by Clark's good deeds, forgave Clark for not telling him about his parents and decided to reinstate the Justice League.

Lois Lane decided to move in with Clark after all and was present when he received a mysterious package containing his missing Crystal of Knowledge. However, it had been reprogrammed and sent Clark and Lois into the Phantom Zone, where he was reunited with his cousin Kara Kent. Clark and Kara sent Lois back to Earth, but also unleashed Faora, wife of Zod, who inhabited Lois' body. Chloe was able to reverse the transport and return Clark and Kara to earth and they teamed up to save Lois and banish Faora. Kara told Clark that she felt her destiny was not on earth and the cousins exchanged a goodbye before she departed. Lois, restored to normal, changed her mind about living on the farm. Oliver, having witnessed Chloe manipulating Clark's crystal, later confronted Clark and told him that he thought Chloe was in over his head with regards to his Kryptonian intelligence, prompting Clark to wonder if Chloe was endangering her life for him.

Chloe began to experience severe amnesia until she admitted to Clark that she had forgotten everyone but him. When she began to forget him as well, he told her he would rebuilt the Fortress of Solitude to ask Jor-El to heal her. Chloe did not believe confronting Jor-El was worth the risk, but Clark insisted. Chloe told him that being his secret-keeper had changed her life for the better, but Clark felt that he had ruined her life. He rebuilt the Fortress and confronted Jor-El, who was receptive to Clark's new proactivity. He agreed to save Chloe. By the time Clark returned to Smallville, Chloe's amnesia had progressed to the point where she only remembered Davis Bloome. Clark took her to the Fortress, believing that knowing his secret was endangering her life. Although against her wishes, Clark asked that Chloe not remember any memories of his true origins or Krypton. Chloe was seemingly restored to full health, but Clark instantly realized that he had lost a closeness between them.

Clark made it a priority to make Chloe's wedding day perfect, hosting it at his farm and walking her down the aisle. Clark revealed that he had saved the boutonniere she gave him freshman year and let her borrow it for her bouquet. Oliver approached him the day of the wedding and told him that he thought Lex Luthor was alive but Clark was not willing to let Chloe down to go catch Lex. As Clark and Chloe danced at the reception, she said she felt like a weight had been lifted off of her. Clark realized that he was receiving advances from Lois and offered her a dance. Just as they were about to share a kiss, Lana Lang unexpectedly arrived to interrupt the moment.

They talked about her abrupt departure from Smallville and Clark admitted what he had done to Chloe's memories about his secret. Lana told him that she would never forgive him for doing such a thing to her. Their conversation was interrupted by the presence of a murderous creature that overpowered Clark, injured Jimmy and Lana, and kidnapped Chloe. Clark checked on the injured guests at the hospital before Lana urged him to find Chloe. He talked to Lois about Chloe and wondering if she'll be alright, then informs him that she's going with Jimmy to Star City to help him through his operation.

Surveying the damage in his barn, Clark was assaulted by an armored figure which was able to wound Clark with an axe he possessed. However, he was saved by the Legion of Super-Heroes, three heroes from the 31st century. They told him that they knew about his legacy in history but also noted that the phantom crystal he needed to defeat Brainiac that day was destroyed. Reading Clark's mind, they learned that Brainiac might not be defeated that day as history recorded. They stayed to help Clark defeat Brainiac but had no idea who Chloe Sullivan was since she wasn't in the history books. The Legion was prepared to sacrifice Chloe to destroy Brainiac but Clark convinced them to work together and save her. Brainiac was extracted from Chloe without needing to kill her and then the Legion returned to the future. Chloe fully recovered her memories of Clark's secret, but told him that she would understand if he ever had to choose between her and the world. Clark talked to Lana about his future influence and his supposed destiny.

Clark continued his duties at the Daily Planet. He helped Oliver Queen investigate the shooting of John Jones and went undercover to expose corrupted police officers. Thinking he could balance his hero duties with happiness, he rekindled his relationship with Lana while she was in town. However, when she turned up missing, Clark investigated and learned that Lana had been forced to leave town by Lex, but got away, and spent the past seven months uncovering Project Prometheus, which enabled her to have superhuman powers. Clark saw it as an opportunity to have an equal partner who would help him help others.

Clark and Lana investigated the deaths of the LuthorCorp Board of Directors. They deduced Lex was responsible and tried to locate him. Clark asked Chloe to help but learned she was working for Oliver instead. He questioned her actions and Chloe confessed that she was scared of Clark confronting Lex because Lex now knew his weakness. However, she made Clark a device that could track Lex. At the same time, Clark and Lana learned that her power suit allowed her to absorb kryptonite radiation. They tracked Lex to a bomb on the top of the Daily Planet building. Lana was forced to absorb the kryptonite to diffuse the bomb, making her unable go near Clark. Clark went to confront him to get his revenge but Lana convinced him not to do anything he would regret. Clark wanted to find a way for them to be together, but Lana told him she was leaving forever because she could not be around him but not be able to touch him. They shared one last kiss before she left town.

After Lana's departure, Clark threw himself into his hero work. He was approached by Linda Lake who threatened to expose his secret to the world unless he gave her the scoop on his saves as the Red-Blue Blur. Clark told Chloe that he would tell the world his secret himself, thinking the world was ready to accept him. Chloe advised against it but Clark asked Lois Lane to write the story, revealing to her for the first time his alien origins and powers. Lois' story caused Metropolis to embrace him as a hero until Linda claimed that Clark was an alien terrorist. The government tried to take Clark into custody for questions and testing but Clark escaped with ease. He advised Chloe to go underground and rescued Lois from custody. He told Lois that the only way to stop the chaos was to use the Legion ring to reset the day and she was upset that he would not reveal his secret to her again. Given a second chance, Clark exposed Linda's numerous crimes and had her arrested, keeping his secret intact. Lois offered to meet him for coffee if they wanted to discuss their almost-kiss at Chloe's wedding. Clark considered going, but decided not to.

Clark began making himself more visible as the Red-Blue Blur, believing the Blur was a symbol of hope for the people. Chloe advised him to be careful, especially when Tess Mercer became interested in Clark and was onto his secret. Tess took Clark on a business trip and revealed that Lex had kept a journal about him prior to his passing. Clark tried to get Tess drunk enough to tell her what Lex wrote about him, but Tess instead shared that she had been abused by her father when she was younger. When the plane suddenly failed and began to crash, Clark cut off Tess' oxygen so that she would pass out, and was able to jumped out of the plane to safety without her knowing of his powers. He told Tess he had found parachutes, but Tess knew he was lying. Clark told Chloe that Tess might not be as untrustworthy as Lex after all.

Clark missed Chloe's birthday party because he was completing a mission with Bart in Keystone City. Chloe was put under a spell by the magician Zatanna to make her look like Lois, but when she told him she was herself inside, Clark admitted that sometimes his life is so weird, he liked being an ordinary reporter. They encountered Zatanna again, who claimed to grant Clark's heart's deepest desire. He was made to believe he was a normal human with no super-powers. Chloe convinced him that he had powers to stop Zatanna from raising her father from the dead by sacrificing her own life. Clark talked with Zatanna about her grief and saved Chloe in the process when the spell was about to sacrifice her instead. Later, Clark said he was comfortable being a hero and Chloe asked him about his changing relationship with Lois. At the Daily Planet, Lois was amused that he kept her rules of reporting but declared that they should just stay friends.

Clark began working on an article about suspicious attacks on people and asked Chloe to help him investigate, while commenting on her new closeness of Davis Bloome. Clark and Chloe realized that Davis was the murderer when they discovered he had buried dozens of bodies. Clark questioned Tess, who told him that she knew he was the Traveler, from a diary of Lionel Luthor's she had found and that Davis was the ultimate destroyer and they were destined to kill each other. Clark felt responsible for Davis' fate and tried to talk Chloe out of helping Davis kill himself, but Chloe believed that Davis was destined to kill Clark and proceeded with their plan. Clark later went to visit an upset and subdued Chloe, and was then visited by Tess again at the Kent Farm. Tess said she would help him fulfill his destiny unlike Lex did, but Clark pretended not to know what she was talking about.

When Chloe asked Clark to help her retrieve her stolen laptop, he discovered that the new superheroine "Stiletto" was Lois. He managed to find it in the hands of Ron Milano who was holding Jimmy Olsen hostage and manufacturing counterfeit money using kryptonite-infused ink. Clark was incapacitated while trying to save Jimmy but Lois was able to crash into the scene. Milano almost shot Lois, but Clark jumped in front of the bullet. Lois and Jimmy got him to safety, and an extremely apologetic Lois tried to make it up to him. Clark called Lois with a voice-changer as the Red-Blue Blur and encouraged her to be the best reporter she could be. He later confronted Chloe, who had been distant and distracted, but Chloe would not tell him what she was dealing with.

Clark confronted her again when he realized that Davis Bloome might not be dead. Oliver told Clark he needed to kill Davis but Clark was reluctant. Chloe claimed he was just being paranoid, but Clark was proven correct when Davis held Oliver and Jimmy hostage. He sped Davis to the Fortress and wanted to send him to the Phantom Zone with the black crystal, but Chloe intervened. She later called him and told him she was willing to sacrifice her life to keep Clark safe, but Clark declared that he would find her and save her.

Clark heard Chloe calling his name and saved her, but he was shocked when she too encouraged him to kill Davis. He wanted to instead use black kryptonite to split Davis from Doomsday and asked Oliver to steal it from Tess. He later learned that Tess was using a team of metahumans to hunt Davis, including who he thougth was Chloe a shapeshifter named Eva Greer. Tess was also killing team members who refused to comply, so when they turned on her, Clark had to save her as well. Clark was confused when he learned that Oliver had a Kryptonite Ring and Oliver admitted that he had killed Lex Luthor. He also learned that Tess destroyed the black crystal, so Clark would have to accept his destiny and destroy Doomsday.

Clark met with Rokk Krinn, who came back from the 31st Century to discuss the matter of Doomsday and how saving Chloe from Brainiac changed history. He gave him another Legion ring to send Doomsday to the future because he could not be stopped. As the Red-Blue Blur, Clark asked Lois to print a letter to Metropolis encouraging them to be their own heroes in case he was not there to save them. Lois asked him to meet her face to face.

Clark arranged to meet with Dinah Lance and Bart Allen with a plan to split Davis and Doomsday, and trap Doomsday underground with an explosion. Oliver showed up too but Clark declared that he was no longer part of the group. However, Oliver betrayed Clark and located Chloe and Davis, holding them. Chloe was able to separate Davis and Doomsday, who began a path of destruction in Metropolis. Clark was saved by Jimmy Olsen who figured out his secret. Clark asked Jimmy to take Chloe and Davis to safety and battled Doomsday. They successfully trapped him with an explosion. When Clark learned that Davis killed Jimmy himself, he felt guilty and upset over the way he handled the situation. He met with Chloe, who asked why he didn't stand by her side at Jimmy's funeral. Clark told her that he had lost faith in humanity, and that his human side prevented him from saving lives. Clark wanted to become a better hero for the world so he declared that his human side, Clark Kent, is dead and left Chloe alone in tears.


  • A young Clark Kent was played by Malkolm Alburquenque in the Pilot episode, and by Jackson Warris in Abyss. In Season 4's Transference, Clark swapped bodies with Lionel and was played by John Glover. A baby Kal-El appears briefly in Season 3's Memoria and Season 7's Apocalypse but was uncredited on both occasions.
  • Clark has referred to Pete Ross1, Chloe Sullivan123456, and Lex Luthor1234 as his "best friend" at least once. He has not bestowed this distinction onto Lois Lane or Lana Lang.
  • Clark was able to (and allowed to) drive the Kent Farm truck by age 14 at the latest and has subsequently wrecked it at least four times,1 2 3 4 not counting the first meteor shower, or when Roger Nixon blew it up with Clark inside.
  • Like Oliver Queen and Bruce Wayne, Clark was orphaned at a young age. Unlike them, however, Clark grew up with two loving adoptive parents.
  • Clark has "died" twice in the series, in Hidden and Void (and possibly in Odyssey). In Hidden, the doctor actually called his death time, so at that point he was officially dead.
  • Nearly every female character on the show, with the exception of family members, has expressed an attraction to Clark, something he is comically oblivious to.


  • Clark is about 6' 3".
  • Clark almost always wears red, white, and/or blue (including his underwear), and yellow and gray on occasion; As Kal or Kal-El he wore green or black.
  • Clark's first word was "Lara", his birth mother's name. He was named "Kal-El" by his Kryptonian cousin Kara. It means "star child" in Kryptonian.
  • He was a good student and rarely missed school.
  • Alcohol does not affect Clark, but he did not drink as a teen because his parents disapproved. However he did go with Lois Lane to have a "brew" in Apocalypse after he turned 21.
  • Lana Lang, asked: Are you man, or "Superman", refering to Clark in the "Pilot". Clark's answer was "I haven't decided yet."
  • Clark was a member of the Philosophy Club, Astronomy Club, Computer Club, and the Key Club in high school.
  • Clark's super-hero alter ego is named the "Red-Blue Blur" and "The Good Samaritan".
  • Clark's first real article in the Smallville Torch was about Van McNulty.
  • Clark graduated from Smallville High School in May 2005. Of the close-knit group of four in his class (Clark, Pete, Chloe, and Lana), he was the only one who walked across the stage and received his diploma.
  • Even Clark's hair is invulnerable; it breaks scissors.
  • Clark was voted "Most Likely to be drafted into the NFL" twice: once in his high school yearbook and again on his senior year "Who's Who" list.
  • Clark is trained in CPR and has administered it to Lex, Lana and Jordan Cross.
  • Clark is a very poor dancer - this is referenced in Crimson, Hypnotic and Arrow, and seen in Spell.
  • Clark's codename on Green Arrow's Hero Team is "Boy Scout", which he did not choose himself.
  • Lois Lane's nickname for Clark is "Smallville" and Jimmy Olsen's is "C.K."
  • Clark's middle name is of some debate. In the comics, it was either Joseph or Jerome, but neither has been confirmed on the show.
  • Clark's birth year on Earth is 1987. He celebrates his birthday in early May, which makes his license say he's 22. Since he turned 18 at the end of his senior year, he is probably younger than most of his classmates (in Earth years) and almost a full year younger than Lana, who was 18 at the start of their senior year. (However, since he is Kryptonian, and spent an undetermined amount of time traveling from Krypton to Earth, his actual age is unknown.)
  • Clark got a C+ in Shop class as seen in Dichotic.
  • Clark's adoptive parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent were actually chosen by Jor-El to raise Clark because of Jonathan Kent's father, Hiram Kent's, suggestion that if Jor-El, known by Joe on earth, needed anything, he would know where to find him.
  • Clark is also referred to as "The Traveler"


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