General Information
Official name: Eradicator Protocol
First Appearance: Superman Beyond (Volume 1) #8
Type: Armour
Used by: Kryptonians



The Eradicator Armour was a armored power suit created by the Kryptonians. They were created by their advanced crystalline technology which was used to form a protective augmentation around their bodies. Stored within a crystal, the Eradicator spread around the persons body until the augmentation reached 100%. Once done, the wearer was completely encased in powered armor that mirrored their abilities under a yellow sun but provided them protection from dangers such as Kryptonite radiation. As such, it provided their wearer with super strength, flight and durability in battlefield situations. The transparent face plate also allowed the user to use their heat vision against their targets.



Eradicator Protocol activated.

In the future, Lucinda Luthor was guided on a path of villainy by a hologram of her deceased father Lex Luthor. Their plan involved bringing a meteor containing Kryptonite in orbit thus spreading the harmful substance around Metropolis whereupon they unleashed a remote controlled robot. The construct caused wide scale damage and Kal-El was forced to observe from the Fortress of Solitude as he could not enter the battle without suffering from Kryptonite poisoning. However, he decided to encase himself in an Eradicator armor after which he moved to save Metropolis. At the scene was John Walker who had infused himself with nano tech but had grown obsessed with absorbing more advanced technology to fight Luthor's construct. Walker attempted to absorb the Eradicator Armour which forced Superman to knock him unconscious. Afterwards, Kal-EL battled the machine and dismantled it where he removed Lucinda Luthor from the robot. At this point, Lex Luthor's hologram activated a secondary part of his plan which was to send the Kryptonite meteor crashing into the planet Earth. This forced Superman to go into orbit in the Eradicator where he forced the meteor into the sun. The act destroyed his armor but Kal-El survived and was rejuvenated by the exposure to yellow sun energy.


  • In Superman: Earth One Volume 2, an unnamed armor features in the issue that is created by Kal-El's star ship in order to fight the parasite. The armor, however, is notably different from its Superman Beyond counterpart as it is a transparent crystalline form that covers the body but prevents a Kryptonian from accessing sunlight to recharge their cells and thus deprives them of their superpowers under a yellow sun.


  • The issue refers to the armor as the Eradicator, the Eradicator Protocol and as the Eradicator armor.


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