Hand-to-Hand Combat pertains to an individual's ability to defend themselves in unarmed combat against one or more adversaries. Hand-to-Hand is not indicative of any particular fighting form and should be distinguished from more advanced fighting techniques such as Martial Arts.

Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)

Basic hand-to-hand demonstrates an individual's ability to hold their own in a fight. People skilled in basic hand-to-hand include law enforcement agents, athletes, low-ranking military personnel, gangsters, henchmen, barroom brawlers, gun-slingers

Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)

This form of hand-to-hand combat requires advanced training, or demonstrates a fighting prowess that is beyond that of the average street-level thug. Many career military personnel, including members of the Green Lantern Corps and Darkstars possess advanced hand-to-hand combat.

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