Heart of Krypton
Heart of Krypton
General Information
Official name: Heart of Krypton
First Appearance: Return to Krypton
Type: Equipment
Used by: TBA



The Heart of Krypton was a complex device that was actually a merger of Kryptonian technology and the science of Brainiac 13. By using the Eradicator and Kryptonian Birthing Matrixes, he managed to create an alternate version of Krypton based on the details written from Jor-El's diary. This was not an accurate representation of Krypton in its final years as instead the journal detailed Jor-El's favourite time period which was a golden age over three thousand of years ago. Using this as a framework, he crafted this alternate Krypton within the Phantom Zone as a trap for Kal-El by tricking him into entering it and forever trapping him within the world. Once he entered, the system would engage part of its programming that would violently destroy that world and any inhabitant on it. It took the form of the sunburst design of the House of El and was located on Mt. Mundru.

Return to KryptonEdit

When Kal-El journeyed to this alternate Krypton, he became swept up in events as he believed that his homeworld had survived. However, he quickly realized that this world was different from the world of his birth. He became opposed by the Hounds of Zod and later witnessed an attack by the Holy Order of Rao led by Xon-Ur who intended to purge the world of technology. To accomplish that, he stole genetic samples of the alternate Jor-El's unborn child and intended to use the link of the offspring of the House of El to that of Rao himself in order to activate the Heart of Krypton. This was because he intended to purge the world of corruption and make it into a perfect planet as well as save the universe from destruction.

Kal-El briefly merged with the construct and learnt of its true origins whereupon the alternate Jor-El was fully absorbed into it. He gave Superman the choice of staying on the alternate Krypton forever or returning to his world. Kal-El chose Earth and the alternate Jor-El closed the entry into the alternate Krypton by way of the Phantom Zone which allowed its inhabitants to live out the program in peace.


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