General Information
Official name: Hellspores
First Appearance: Superman/Batman (Vol 1) #11
Type: Device
Used by: Apokoliptans



Hellspores were small devices that were an example of Apokoliptan Technology. These dark spherical machines were each capable of burning a hole into a planet's core and thus creating a Firepit. Such a process was able to devastate an entire world when these machines were armed. At least five hundred such devices were constructed by Darkseid and placed in an armory on Apokolips. To ensure they were not detonated, Darkseid placed an arming encryption on the Hellspores with the code being U. R. Seven X. L. L. Zero. Zero. Nine. These were the launching codes for priming the machines the means one was capable of using them. Some intelligence on these machines were acquired by Batman.

The Supergirl from Krypton

After Supergirl was captured by Darkseid, Batman along with Superman, Wonder Woman as well as Big Barda journeyed to Apokolips to rescue her. During this time, Batman was briefed on the machines by Mother Box and infiltrated the armory on Apokolips. He managed to ultimately reprogram the launch codes for the Hellspores to a infinite variety of combinations to prevent anyone from disarming them. Thus, he approached Darkseid and threatened to detonate all five hundred unless Kara Zor-El was released from his control. In anger, Darkseid nearly killed Batman to force him to change the codes but ultimately swore to release Supergirl from his plans on the condition that the Hellspores were disarmed. As a result, the machines were deactivated and Supergirl was returned to Earth where she was back to her normal self.


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