General Information
Founder(s): Jor-El
Leader(s): Jor-El
Current Members: Jor-El
Former Members: Jor-El
Status: Inactive
Base of Operations: El Tower



JorCorp was created on Earth when the House of El managed to escape their doomed homeworld of Krypton. Led by the family patriarch Jor-El, the only survivors of the Kryptonians civilization was its head along with his Lara Lor-Van and their son Kal-El along with the artificial intelligence known as B. After arriving and being accepted on the planet, they managed to improve their relationship with the native humans by using their newly empowered abilities under the planets yellow sun to aid mankind. After earning the gratitude of the human race, they were offered prime spots to set up their home around the world. Ultimately, Jor-El decided to allow his young son Kal-El to choose the site for their new dwelling which he marked on a globe to me Metropolis. With that done, El Tower was established through the aid of B and advanced Kryptonian construction techniques. In order to better channel his creative mind to helping his adoptive world, Jor-El decided to create a corporation where Kryptonian science would be used to the benefit of mankind. Thus, he made a public annoucement on the news on the creation of the company and that once it was operational, they would seek the best and brightest minds the Earth had to offer in order to pool together their respectice technologies for the betterment of humanity.



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