JorCorp Exo-Suit
General Information
Official name: Exo-Suit
First Appearance: Superman: Last Family of Krypton Vol 1 2
Type: Armor
Used by: Humans



JorCorp Exo-Suits were advanced flight capable suits of armor that were constructed by using Kryptonian Technology. It was developed by the scientists of JorCorp after the company was established on Earth by Jor-El of the House of El. These Exo-Suits were designed as one of the many technological gifts that Jor-El wanted to impart on the human race by making use of the science of the Kryptonians civilization which was destroyed after their homeworld of Krypton exploded. Under the direction of Jor-El, he along with his protege Lex Luthor designed an Exo-Suit for use by law enforcement officials though only a prototype was initially created.

Last Family of KryptonEdit

When the Doomsday Cult captured Jor-El's daughter Valora, Luthor equipped himself with the prototype Exo-Suit in search of her. He used its sophisticated computing system to track her down to the globe above the Daily Planet where she was incapacitated by the hate group by way of Kryptonite. Together, they managed to save her after Luthor removed the meteorite piece thus allowing Valora's powers to return to her.


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