Kent Family
Superman Secret Origins
General Information
Founder(s): Silas Kent
Leader(s): Martha Kent
Jonathan Kent
Silas Kent
Current Members: Superman
Lois Lane
Christopher Kent
Former Members: Abigail Kent
Brian Kent
Belinda Kent
Ethan Kent
Emma Lou Kent
Joel William Kent
Jonathan Kent I
Lucy Kent
Owen Kent
Sinbad Kent
William Kent
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Kent Farm



The Kent family represents the paternal family line of Jonathan Kent. The family's origins date back as far as 6th England, when Sir Brian Kent participated in several adventures under the pseudonym the Shining Knight. On at least one occasion, he met a time-traveling Superman and it has been suggested that Sir Brian may have been the progenitor of the Kent family line.

The direct family line of Jonathan Kent is traced as far back as the late 18th to early 19th century. The American Kents originally hailed from Boston, Massachusetts where print-shop owner Silas Kent lived with his wife Abigail. The two sired eight children, all of whom were born in the Kent's Boston home. In 1854, Silas Kent joined the Emigrant Aid Society and decided to relocate his printing press to Lawrence, Kansas to promote his abolitionist ideals. He brought his two oldest sons, Nate and Jeb along with him and they arrived in Lawrence in the summer of of 1854.





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