General Information
Official name: Koron
Locale: Krypton



Koron was one of the many moons of the planet Krypton. In the distant past, a young Kryptonian scientist called Jor-El created an experimental serum designed to enhanced the life of a living being. To test this compound, he injected a Snagriff with it and later launched the creature to the moon of Koron where it resided for years later. An unknown side effect of the act was that the creature mutated into a metal and mineral eating monster which continued its existence in its new habitat. When Krypton later exploded, the violent scale of the cataclysm destroyed Koron and launched the remains into outer space. The Snagriff survived on these remains which later crash landed in the polar regions of the planet Earth.


  • In Superman: Last Son of Earth, Koron is shown and described as a desolate larger moon of Krypton where Kal-El walks after learning of his origins on Earth.


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