Kryptonian Empire
Kryptonian Empire Army
General Information
Status: Inactive
Base of Operations: Krypton



The Kryptonian Empire was a powerful interstellar government formed by the Kryptonian civilization. Thousands of years ago, this race of humanoids from the planet Krypton developed advanced technology allowing them to leave their world. During the height of the Empire, the Kryptonian Military Council was in dominance and made use of both its stellar navy as well as its soldiers to dominate neighboring worlds. As such, its military was responsible for peacekeeping duties on the Possessed Worlds and they used their unique biology to gain enhanced superpowered abilities on planets with a yellow sun. In time, however, there existed much debate on the progress of the Kryptonian Empire with some feeling that it had become a tyrannical power in the cosmos. Thus, during the elections, Har-Zod began to lose his grip on his power in the political arena which led to the Military Council losing favor and Bav Sor-El's Science Council becoming the ruling body of Krypton.

This change in government led to a similar change in policy with all Kryptonian military forces being recalled. Their space fleet was to anchor around the lunar outpost of Weghtor in order to be decomissioned and all inhabitants of Krypton to return to their home system where their superpowers would be lost due to the systems red sun. A policy of isolation was to be embraced by Krypton who intended to remain content to live on their homeworld. All examples of their starfleet was destroyed leaving only Admiral Dru-Zod's flagship Doomsday in orbit as a relic of an earlier time. However, Admiral Zod sent the ship to leave the system and it eventually crashed on the planet Earth. Whilst many military personnel complied with the order, others such as Karsta Wor-Ul along with her compatriots did not want to lose their freedom. As such, they defied their leadership and deserted their positions in order to escape. At first, they sought to claim the flagship Doomsday as their escape vehicle but it had already been sent on its course. This left the deserters attacked by the Eradicator Squads killing several of their number but Wor-Ul and some of her comrades managed to leave the system and the Kryptonian Empire behind.



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  • In the graphic novel Superman: The Dark Side set in an Elseworlds universe, Krypton suffered a similar events of destruction when they attempted to harness the core of their red sun. In order to restore the destroyed Kryptonian Empire, Jor-El instilled within his son the Anti-Life Equation which Kal-El was intended to use to subjugate the Earth to restore Krypton. However, his plan was subverted when the starship containing the child was diverted to Apokolips where the boy was raised by Darkseid.


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