General Information
Official name: Nanobytes
First Appearance: Steel Vol 3 1
Type: Weapon
Used by: Steel



Nanobytes was microscopic nanomachines that were invisible to the naked eye and were capable of being programmed for a variety of tasks. They were developed by John Henry Irons of Steelworks who created the devices. He later began work on weaponizing them in order to use the machines as part of his arsenal during his time as the superhero Steel. They worked by attacking living cells within the body and rendering the target paralysed with the aim of even accomplishing this feat with superpowered beings who should be left in such a state by an hour at most.


When the supervillain known as Doomsday re-emerged, Steel was one of the first heroes to challenge the creature that tore a destructive path across the city. However, unlike previous times, the beasts actions were not mindless and it seemingly evolved new abilities such as creating a metallic armor over its body as well as the capacity for flight. Fighting the alien being, Steel was severely outclassed and beaten when Doomsday though Irons managed to create a small wound in the beasts skin. Through the chest wound, he sent a surge of nanobytes into Doomsdays body and the creature seemingly was paralysed. However, the alien simply stood back up as it seemingly had evolved a defense against the microscopic machines and was about to attack Natasha Irons which forced Steel to attack whereupon he was defeated. His body was taken by the creature who departed the scene.


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