Operation: Callisto
Operation Callisto
General Information
Official name: Operation: Callisto
First Appearance: World of New Krypton
Type: Device
Used by: Kryptonians



Operation: Callisto was a planned initiative that was being conducted by the Kryptonians of New Krypton. After the re-establishment of their civilization upon being freed from the grasp of Brainiac, the people of Kandor sought to recreate their society after the destruction of their homeworld of Krypton itself. The first act of the Kandorians was to take their re-enlarged city of Kandor and use it in order to create a planetoid in the same system as Earth which was designated as New Krypton. Upon completion of this task, they began attempts at terraforming this new world to serve as their new homeworld. In order to complete their work, they needed a moon for New Krypton in order to bring about tidal changes as well as night cycles and truly make it into its own planet. Initially, it was considered that a moon would be created for the planetoid but it was determined that the concept was not feasible so alternate methods were studied.

To that end, the inhabitants of New Krypton created Operation: Callisto with the intention of taking the moon from Jupiter and using it for their own purposes. This involved the insertion of Sunstone crystals in the moons core and a Kryptonian vessel being used to control its gravitational movement.

New KryptonEdit

Following the assassination attempt on General Zod, Kal-El was made as acting General of the Kryptonian Military Guild. As such, he was tasked with overseeing the completion of Operation: Callisto which he revised the transit course for the moon. Whilst he was somewhat more satisfied with the progress, Kal-El was somewhat worried about the breakout from the Jovian gravity well as he did not desire to upset the orbits of the other moons. However, Councillor Qin Ran of the Kryptonian Science Guild had done calculations which detailed that no significant variations were to occur for at least three billion years. Now satisfied with the report, he had the revised transit sent to Commander Gor.

Whilst on New Krypton, the Kryptonians received a distress signal from their forces involved in the project. There, they discovered their forces under attack by the Thanagarians who had succeeded in destroying the pilot ship that was controlling Callisto's movements. The loss of the vessel left the moon adrift and on a collision course with New Krypton. During the battle with the Thanagarians, General El succeeded in forging a peace with them people of Thanagar after which he took his forces to stop Callisto's course. Despite the enhanced abilities they got from Earth's yellow sun, the numerous Kryptonians were incapable of stopping the moons course. However, the peaceful resolution of the short conflict with the Thangarians led to them aiding the Kryptonians by using gravity beams from Nth metal to slow the moons course. Callisto was thus deposited around New Krypton thus ending the disaster and leading to the completion of Operation: Callisto.


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