General Information
Real name: Preus
First Appearance: Superman Vol. 2 #202
Created by: TBA
Affiliations: Cizien's Patrol Corps
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Preus was a Kandorian inhabitant of alternate dimension version of the bottled city of Kandor which was populated by many different alien species. In the city, he and many of his comrades worshipped a god that they called The Superman and had a disdain of the contamination made from alien races. In order to enforce order and justice, Preus joined the Citizen's Patrol Corps where he continued his xenophobic practices.

The SupermanEdit

At some point, he met a new resident in Kandor known as Kal-El who he showed an immediate dislike for due to his actions. Later, Kal-El became a suspect in the murder of a Kryptonian and Sergeant Preus swore to make the murderer pay for his crimes. He eventually followed Kal-El into Earth where he showed no care to the collateral damage he brought. Being a devout follower of The Superman, he became deeply insulted to see Kal-El dress in that role and the two battled in Metropolis. Following exposure to Earth's yellow sun, he gained superhuman abilities and was determined to exterminate his foe as well as murder all other opponents. In order to stop him, Lyla attempted to use her powers on him and the two seemingly disappeared in a flash of light. Later, Preus was seen at an unknown location where he vowed to get revenge against Superman.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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