General Information
Official name: Raology
First Appearance: Superman: Last Family of Krypton Vol 1 1
Type: Book
Used by: Kryptonians



Raology was a book that was written by Lara Lor-Van during her time on the planet Earth. This was during a time when her husband Jor-El learnt of the coming disaster that would destroy their home planet of Krypton. After repeated simulations to save his son Kal-El, it was deemed that the three members of the House of El needed to escape their doomed planet. Thus, they departed in a sophisticated starcraft that was controlled by the artificial intelligence known as B whereupon they became the last survivors Kryptonians civilization. Their journey took them to the planet Earth where they were first greeted with suspicion but Lara and her husband demonstrated their goodwill by using their newly empowered abilities under Earth's yellow sun to go aid mankind. After establishing themselves at El Tower, her husband decided to channel his scientific talents to help humanity through his corporation known as JorCorp. In contrast, Lara attempted to use her spirituality and wrote a book titled "Raology: The Path to Cosmic Enlightenment" that served as a guidebook on religion. It attracted numerous followers and its contents included what Lara believed as a Raoist in that all living beings had potential which simply needed to be unlocked. Afterwards, she embarked on book signings and talk shows to promote this religious belief. However, Lara cut back on her activities in relation to Raology following an argument with her husband after which she became pregnant with twins.


  • Raology features only in the Elseworlds continuity of Superman: Last Family of Krypton Vol 1 and is not part of the main New Earth universe.


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