General Information
Official name: Rokyn
Created by: TBA
First Appearance: TBA
Galaxy: TBA
Star System: An Unknown Red-Star



Rokyn was a planetoid that orbited a red sun. Its existence came to light when Kal-El was searching for a means of restoring the bottled Kryptonian city of Kandor. Keeping the miniature city secured in a special laboratory in the Fortress of Solitude, Superman eventually discovered a way to restore the Kandorians to their proper size. In the mean time, Kandorian scientist and Moliom Van-Zee took part in an expedition to find a new habitable world to call their home. They eventually discovered such a planet which they named Rokyn and the Kandorian people settled on this world which they beleived to had been a gift from their god Rao.


The members of the Kandorian Science Council alongside Van-Zee worked together to rebuild the city of Kandor on their new homeworld. During the process, they made a number of great architectural improvements which made new Kandor far superior to the origianl design. Through the use of hidden blueprints in a metal vault as well as aid from reformed Phantom Zone prisoners who were promised a chance to live on Rokyn, Van-Zee was able to redesign the capital city on Rokyn. Later, Van-Zee's cousins Superman and Supergirl made many trips to Rokyn in order to spend the holidays with their extended Kryptonian family.


  • Rokyn only features in the Silver Age continuity in the Superman universe.
  • The world possess the El Family Vault where Nim-El constructed statues honoring the revered members of the House of El.


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