Scarlet Jungles
General Information
Official name: Scarlet Jungles
Created by: TBA
First Appearance: TBA
Galaxy: TBA
Star System: TBA
Planet: Krypton
Country: TBA
State: TBA
Locale: TBA



The Scarlet Jungles was a region on the planet Krypton consisting of dense trees and other plant-life. When the scientist Non began to make public speeches stating that Krypton faced destruction, the Kryptonian Science Council abducted him and lobotomised him. Non was a shadow of a man with his great intellect gone and with their job complete, the agents of the Science Council left Non within the Scarlet Jungles where he lived a primitive existence until he was discovered by General Zod. It was the treatment of Non which provoked Zod into attacking the Science Council and committing a coup.


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