Sleeper Identities
General Information
Founder(s): General Zod
Leader(s): Ursa
Current Members: TBA
Former Members: Tor-An
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Earth



The Sleepers was the name of a unit of Kryptonians that were formed by General Zod whilst within the Phantom Zone. Over the years many criminals and members of the Kryptonian Military Guild were exiled into the Phantom Zone for their actions. Amongst their number was Zod himself along with both Lieutenant Ursa and the scientist Non. Eventually, they were freed from their imprisonment were they along with over seventy other Kryptonian criminals terrorised the Earth until they were defeated by Kal-El. These criminals were once again banished into the Phantom Zone where they regrouped at Fort Rozz in order to plan their next offensive. Once there, General Zod decided on an intricate plan involving infiltration and deception in order to achieve a victory over Kal-El and his adopted world of Earth. This involved the Sleepers who were sent from the Phantom Zone and adopted lives normal Human beings with no one being aware of their true nature. Lieutenant Ursa was placed in charge of the Sleeper program.

After being also trapped within the Zone, Lor-Zod witnessed the Sleepers being dispatched to Earth and became aware of their identities.

Sleeper AwakenedEdit

Eventually, the link between Thara Ak-Var and Christopher Kent led to the Chief of Kandor Security freeing Lor-Zod from the tyranny of his parents. Returning to the main universe, she along with Kent formed a superhero team called Nightwing and Flamebird where they travelled to Earth in order to combat the threat posed by them. Using masks and power suits to disguise their true Kryptonian nature, they tracked down Tor-An and managed to capture him. His capture as well as Alura In-Ze's revelation to General Zod of Thara Ak-Var led to the leader of the Kandorian Military Guild in secretly dispatching Ursa to defeat the two superheroes in order to preserve the Sleepers. She confronted the pair at the Fortress of Solitude in Antartica where she battled them but was defeated. This allowed Nightwing and Flamebird to continue their operations against the Sleepers.



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