Solar Converter
Solar Converter
General Information
Official name: Solar Converter
First Appearance: The Adventures of Superman #460
Type: Device
Used by: Kryptonians



The Solar Converter was an advanced device of Kryptonian design that highlighted the incredible levels of that civilizations technology. Its construction was noted for being seamless in the sense that it seemed to had been woven rather than assembled. Part of its operation involved collecting solar energy for various purposes. Any example of the technology was seemingly destroyed when the planet Krypton exploded. However, the design remained within the complex databanks of the Eradicator. Furthermore, the means of constructing such a device was located within a pocket in the Phantom Zone where numerous items of Kryptonian design were stored for future use.

New KryptonEdit

After the Eradicators previous failure at altering Jimmy Olsen into a Kryptonian, Kal-El the Last Son of Krypton threw the device into Antartica in an effort to destroy it. However, it simply embedded itself deep underground where it began a new attempt at restoring Krypton. Creating the Fortress of Solitude around it, the Eradicator crafted a gateway into the Phantom Zone where it began summoning various Service Robots and other machines to alter its environment. It even brainwashed several humans into believing they were Kryptonians. One of the acts of the Eradicator was the assembly of a Solar Converter with the express purpose of using that energy to terraform the entire world into a New Krypton as part of the Grand Design. The machine was deeply rose high into the sky and deep into the fissure in the ground where it went below 10,000 feet beneath the surface.

The initial disappearance of North American scientists attracted the attention of Superman who travelled into Antartica where he saw the spire of the Solar Converter. He later traveled into the Fortress of Solitude and discovered the Eradicator. In his attempts at stopping the ancient device, Superman was knocked unconscious by its power and later brainwashed into forgetting the entire incident. This allowed the Solar Converter to continue unimpeded with its actions causing severe ecological damage to the planet Earth. At this point, the spire had begun to emit an energy field that was so hot that it melted the ice around it for miles. The great deal of atmospheric interference that was generated as a result had the additional effect of preventing primitive Earth technology from detecting the disturbance.

It was only the actions of Emil Hamilton who reminded Superman of the Eradicator did the Man of Steel travel to Antartica once more to stop the mad scheme of the device. His first act was destroying the Solar Converter before travelling to stop the Eradicator once more.


  • Superman simply described the device as a solar converter though the device was not given a formal name in the issue.


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