Supergirl #14
Supergirl Vol 6-14 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Supergirl (Volume 6)
Issue Number: 14
First Published: November 21, 2012
Previous Issue: Supergirl #13
Next Issue: Supergirl #15

Synopsis for "Lost Son of Krypton"Edit

Superman and Supergirl bring the beast to The Block and have Dr. Veritas take a look at it. She is going to try and determine how it came to be on Earth. Kara desperately wants to believe that if this Kryptonian beast is alive then perhaps there are other Kryptonians out there. Kara spends some time talking to Siobhan, who is still dealing with the aftermath of the Black Banshee event. Kara soon returns to her Sanctuary to see if she can dig up anything on the dragon thing. However she soon realizes that she is exhausted and lies down for some rest. She awakens near the Sun and H'El is there to introduce himself as a lost child of Krypton. At first Kara thinks that this is all some sort of projection and attacks H'El. He simply stands there and does not even move when she hits him. He explains that he is from Krypton. Jor-El was his mentor and he was sent on a special mission in an experimental ship. He mentions that his scarred appearence is due to the “trials” he endured during his journey. He tells her that he wants her help. He plans to go back to before Krypton was destroyed and save it. He teleports her back to Earth into the middle of a war zone and does his thing so no one can see them. He tells her that she does not belong on this violent and primitive planet. Once back at the Sanctuary he shows her the unconscious body of Superboy. He tells her that if she likes he will kill him. She tells him to leave him and suggests they go talk to her cousin, Superman. H'El gives Kara a gift, the ability to speak and understand English, and teleports her to the hallway outside Clark Kent’s apartment. She awkwardly walks in on CLark talking to Lois Lane.

Appearing in "Lost Son of Krypton"Edit

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