Supergirl #9
Supergirl Vol 6-9 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Supergirl (Volume 6)
Issue Number: 9
First Published: May 16, 2012
Previous Issue: Supergirl #8
Next Issue: Supergirl #10

Synopsis for "Like Daughter"Edit

Thirteen years ago, Tommy Smythe led his mother and young sister Siobhan over the hills of Ireland in hopes of escaping their father. Unfortunately, he catches up with them, demanding to be given his daughter. Though Siobhan was born with the same powers as her father, Tommy was not. However, their blood relation prevents his father from harming him. Knowing that if he gives up his soul to his father, he will be able to protect his mother and sister, Tommy orders them to run while he succumbs to his father's soul devouring power. Unfortunately, now, Siobhan's father has come back as the Black Banshee, and the exposure has transformed her into the Silver Banshee. Meanwhile, Kara Zor-El who has grown used to her invulnerability since arriving on earth finds that she is surprisingly susceptible to Black Banshee's attacks. On the first day since arriving that Kara thought she could relax, her evening has been ruined and her new friend has undergone an unexpected transformation that makes it seem like Kara will never find peace in this new life. Desperately, Siobhan tries to drag Kara out of the club as her father devours the souls of the patrons. Determined not to leave Siobhan alone to face this peril, Kara dons her outfit, and attempts to fight the Black Banshee. Unfortunately, she seems to have little effect against his magic, and he decides that he needs to devour her soul as well, knowing that it will somehow generate more power for him than simple human souls. Black Banshee's counterattacks seem to cause Kara's powers to go on the fritz, and in her confusion, she injures some innocent bystanders. Suddenly, Kara's body begins to generate an intense heat, and she feels as though she may explode. Worrying that she will hurt Siobhan and the other bystanders if she is allowed to keep getting hotter, Kara decides that she might be able to do some good by allowing the Black Banshee to consume her. His chest glows with a bright light as he warns Siobhan that her last hope is gone, and now it will be her turn to be devoured.

Appearing in "Like Daughter"Edit

Featured CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit


Other CharactersEdit

  • Tommy Smythe
  • Siobhan and Tommy's Mother


  • Ireland (In Flashback Only)
  • Queens


  • Coming Soon


  • None Known


  • Coming Soon


  • Coming Soon


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