Friend Or Foe?
General Information
Series: Superman: Birthright
Issue Number: 7
First Published: March 2004
Previous Issue: Superman: Birthright #6
Next Issue: Superman: Birthright #8

Synopsis for "Friend Or Foe?"Edit

When Superman now goes out to rescue those in need, people are to fearful even go near him. Adding to his troubles, no one in the office regards Clark's existence. When the staff goes out to a bar to toast Lois, Clark is intentionally given the wrong address so his co-workers can ditch him.

While sulking in an empty restaurant, Clark hears a commotion as a suspension bridge across town inexplicably blows up. Superman speeds off to reconnect the bridge cables, but another explosion rocks the bridge. In his office, Lex Luthor watches the disaster and triggers bombs along the support column, making it appear that Superman is the one tearing it down. As the finishing touch, a mechanical drone in the water aims kryptonite radiation at Superman, causing him to collapse.

Realizing he has made an enemy in Lex Luthor, Clark looks back on his childhood in Smallville when a young Lex arrived in town. Lex was a quiet genius, but his intelligence alienated him from everyone around him. Lex's parents were unloving and ruthlessly trained him to become the next Einstein. Clark muses that "they were underestimating him". Without human connections, Lex's patience with people in general dwindles to practically nothing.

Appearing in "Friend Or Foe?"Edit

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