Krypton Lives!
General Information
Series: Superman: Birthright
Issue Number: 9
First Published: May 2004
Previous Issue: Superman: Birthright #8
Next Issue: Superman: Birthright #10

Synopsis for "Krypton Lives!"Edit

The next day the newspapers blare warnings of an upcoming alien invasion, showing photos of alien warships bearing the Superman insignia. At the Daily Planet, Clark hears that the footage has been analyzed by experts and has been confirmed to be un-doctored and 100% legitimate. Having seen footage from the data tablet that was in his spacecraft, Clark knows Luthor must have used similar methods to uncover these images.

At the Colorado facility, while Luthor is discussing plans with Army officials over selling LexCorp technology to combat this new "threat", Superman barges in and confronts him. He allows everyone but Luthor to leave, and demands to know what Luthor is plotting. Luthor reveals the name of Project: Krypton. Superman demands to know what that means. Luthor, suddenly realizing that Superman knows little or nothing about his homeworld, laughs in his face. He tells him his planet and race are all gone. The entire room turns into a whirling tunnel of holographic images, all displaying the Kryptonian footage Luthor has been abusing. Once he has discredited and destroyed Superman, Lex is hopeful the lesser minds of Earth will turn to him as their savior. Superman speeds out of sight as Luthor's armored troops burst in to save him.

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