Superman: Secret Origin
Superman Secret Origins-4 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Superman: Secret Origin
Issue Number: 4
First Published: January 27, 2010
Previous Issue: Superman: Secret Origin #3
Next Issue: Superman: Secret Origin #5

Synopsis for "Parasites"Edit

Lex Luthor continues his daily tradition of selecting someone from the crowd below his tower and providing them with a new life. He chooses Rudy Jones from the crowd, who eagerly shuffles in. As he does, Lex demands an audience with Lois Lane with regards to the flying man. Lois and Perry debate the story about the flying man, while the other reporters look on in interest. Luthor goons show and demand that Lois go with them, and they ask for Clark to come as well. Lois agrees, given the opportunity to finally quiz Luthor.

Superman Secret Origins-4 Cover-2

Superman: Secret Origin Issue #4 Cover-2

Rudy takes stacks of free donuts from a table as Luthor starts to offer him education. Rudy asks if he can trade the education for its cash value. In the background, lab techs remove purple goo.

Lois and Clark wait for Luthor, who appears as they're talking about his wealth. Lois lights into him with questions. As they do, Rudy bucks some medical tests a technician is giving him and goes for more donuts. One falls into the purple gloop, and he eats it anyway. He starts turning purple, and latches onto a nearby Lexcorp employee.

Clark hears Parasite's rampage, tries to make an excuse to leave, but as he does, the Parasite bursts in, having smelled him. Superman appears and takes Parasite out of the building. As he does, Parasite's teeth grow outward, and he sucks on Superman's neck, stealing power. They crash on street level.

Superman musters strength and punches the Parasite. He hits Parasite with heat vision, then freezes him in place. The people around seem afraid of Superman and thankful. Luthor appears, and tries to foster the fear. Superman leaves.

On the roof of the Daily Planet, he sees Jimmy on the ledge. Thinking him about to commit suicide, Superman stops him. They talk about feeling ostracized in the big city, and how Jimmy is thinking of leaving. Superman persuades him not to, given that Jimmy is his only friend in the city. Jimmy asks if he can take a picture of Superman, and Superman allows it. Jimmy has him put his hands on his hips.

The issue runs with Lois' story and Jimmy's picture, infuriating Luthor and causing him to declare personal war on Perry White.

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