Superman: The Reign of Doomsday
General Information
Type: Crossover Story Arc
Total Issues: 10
Published: January, 2011
Creators: Steve Lyons
Ed Benes
Dan Didio
Philip Tan
James Robinson
Brett Booth
Miguel Sepulveda
Jeff Lemire
Marco Rudy
Paul Cornell
Kenneth Rocafort
Jesus Merino
Axel Giménez
Dan Jurgens
Jerry Ordway


In a Mysterious Plot, seemingly orchestrated by Lex Luthor, a set of Doomsdays, each with the powers and abilities of Steel, Superboy (Conner Kent), The Eradicator and The Cyborg Superman, are set out to find and capture the four super beings who bore the S-Shield after Superman's Death. Their rampage tore apart various locations, even defeating The Outsiders and The Justice League. Following Superman's seemingly last encounter with Lex Luthor, Superman (Clark Kent), Supergirl (Kara Kent) and the four other shield bearers have learned that their attackers isn't one Doomsday and that the real one has been imprisoned the entire time.

Superman: The Reign of Doomsday IssuesEdit

The Reign of Doomsday IssuesEdit

The Reign of The Doomsdays IssuesEdit


  • Initially The Crossover Story Arc was Titled "Reign of Doomsday", The Crossover Story Arc was Retitled to "Reign of The Doomsdays" at The End of Action Comics #900.
  • This Crossover Story Arc is The Final Superman Story Arc before The FlashPoint Reboot of The DC Comics Universe.


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