Superman: War of The Supermen #1
Superman War of The Supermen-1 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Superman: War of The Supermen
Issue Number: 1
First Published: May 5, 2010
Previous Issue: Superman: War of The Supermen #0
Next Issue: Superman: War of The Supermen #2

Synopsis for "The Battle for New Krypton"Edit

  • Superman War of The Supermen-1 Cover-2

    Superman: War of The Supermen Issue #1 Cover-2

Superman frees himself from Ursa and Non's hands and flies away from New Krypton. Zod, Ursa and Non follow him in to space, where they continue to battle. Meanwhile, in Zor-El's tomb, where Alura is torturing Reactron for information about what Earth is planning against New Krypton. Her daughter Supergirl walks in on her actions, realizing what her father's last words meant about her mother. Both discuss the current actions. Then Reactron then tells both of them that it was planned that he be brought to New Krypton, also telling them that they could have killed Supergirl in Los Angeles, but did not do it so that she would captured him and bring him to their planet. Also during the battle against Brainiac, Lex Luthor went to find him and left a present for him, which he tells that it already feels like it is about to go off. Alura quickly puts her daugther into a safe room to protect her while she tries to stop this. But it is too late, and the explosion not only destroys the city of Kandor, it destroys New Krypton completly along with the Kryptonians on the planet, all of this being watched by a stunned Superman, Zod, Ursa and Non.

While in Metropolis, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, reunite with Steel, Superboy, Krypto, Guardian, Flamebird, and Nightwing in order to discuss on how to deal with General Lane and his plans. They agree that they must first find Natasha Irons, who had infultrated Lane's group and had gather evidence of his actions, but failed to report back to them. Unknown to them, they are being heard by Lois' sister, Lucy Lane, the current Superwoman. In space, Superman searches in the debris of New Krypton, managing to find a sad Supergirl, devastated by the destruction. She grieves with Superman as she holds up a piece of Alura's shield. Alura perished along with the rest of New Krypton. After finding the weapon that Luthor brought to the planet drifting in space in the form of a gold skull, enraged Kara grabs the Kryptonian flag, heading for war. Meanwhile in the Kryptonian fleet, carrying the remaining members of New Krypton, are filled with grief about what has happend. Zod comes forth and declares that even thought their planet is lost, they are still there and the war against Earth shall continue and they will win it.

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