Superman: War of The Supermen #2
Superman War of The Supermen-2 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Superman: War of The Supermen
Issue Number: 2
First Published: May 26, 2010
Previous Issue: Superman: War of The Supermen #1
Next Issue: Superman: War of The Supermen #3

Synopsis for "The Battle for Mars"Edit

  • Superman War of The Supermen-2 Cover-2

    Superman: War of The Supermen Issue #2 Cover-2

The Daily Planet is back to buzzing like it did when Perry, Cat, Ron, Lois & Clark used to be the 'fuel' to the newsroom 'engine'. Lois reveals New Krypton is dead and is in the process of a 'kiss and tell' all about her father's drawn out scheme, but bad-mouthing him leads to sibling rivalry! Lucy crashes in and abducts her sister! Up in space Supergirl and Superman tussle through the field of kryptonite meteors until they crash into Callisto, New Krypton's moon. Kara cries it's her fault, and Superman sadly reveals she's the Last Daughter of New Krypton. They realize they are the only two that stand between Earth and the Zod's forces and decide they will do whatever it takes to save them both.

Meanwhile the rag tag band (Jimmy, Steel, Nightwing, Flamebird, Superboy & The Guardian) track Natasha Irons to a cell inside Mount Rushmore and launch a rescue mission. At the same moment inside Project 7734 Codename Assassin and General Lane are rejoicing over the deaths of the Kryptonians as Lucy arrives with Lois. Sam's cheery attitude doesn't last... Earth's Mars base is being destroyed by Zod's forces. Kal & Kara arrive and force both sides back and Zod uses the fact that the Super family are busy to launch an armada of soldiers directly on a course for Earth.

Sam flips a switch to see Lex on a video screen. Luthor reveals he's harnessed the power from Jax-Ur's botched Rao corpse and the government's time pool technology to launch their counter attack. In return he regains his beloved Lexcorp along with his pardon. With the deal done, a missile housing a huge store of red kryptonite is shot into the sky through the black hole/time pool tech directly into our sun making it a huge red sun! Floating in space, Superman, Supergirl and the Kryptonians gasp for life...

Appearing in "The Battle for Mars"Edit

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