Superman: War of The Supermen #4
Superman War of The Supermen-4 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Superman: War of The Supermen
Issue Number: 4
First Published: May 26, 2010
Previous Issue: Superman: War of The Supermen #3
Next Issue: Superman (Vol 1) #700

Synopsis for "The Battle for Survival"Edit

Superman War of The Supermen-4 Cover-2

Superman: War of The Supermen Issue #4 Cover-2

As Superman and Zod clash, Superman refuses to allow Zod to destroy humanity while Zod has resolved to turn "Earth" into a new Krypton. Superboy manages to recover the Phantom Zone projector from the Fortress of Solitude, stating that the Phantom Zone "got better" in response to Zod's claims of having destroyed it, using it to send Non to the Zone as he attacks the Justice League. After narrowly defeating Ursa, Supergirl flies into the military base to confront General Lane, willing to kill him in revenge for the death of her people, much to Lane's satisfaction as it would prove him right about the Kryptonians, only for Lois to talk Supergirl down. Refusing to face judgement for his crimes, Lane commits suicide. As Superboy arrives at Superman's fight with Zod, Superman attempts to drag Zod into the Zone with him, willing to sacrifice himself to ensure that Zod is imprisoned for good, only for Nightwing to interrupt his efforts, sending his adopted father back to Earth so that he can continue to defend it while remaining behind to ensure that his biological father remains trapped. Nightwing (Chris) reverts to a young boy, encounters Mon-El, and the two journey off together within the Zone.

In the aftermath, Clark and Lois reflect sadly on how New Krypton's appearance resulted in such a pointless war, Clark expressing his uncertainty about whether any Kryptonians are left in hiding on Earth while Lois promises to write the truth about her father's actions despite the media portraying him as a hero for his 'defensive action', hoping that someday humanity will be ready for interaction with other alien races.

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