Superman (Vol 1) #693
Superman-693 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Superman (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 693
First Published: December, 2009
Previous Issue: Superman #692
Next Issue: Superman #694

Synopsis for "7734"Edit

Sam Lane, Mirabai, Atlas, and Codename: Assassin all study Mon-El as he comes awake in a magical prison. Sam Lane realizes he may be a tough nut to crack. Sam Lane isolates Mon-El, and then attempts to persuade him that he belongs in 4437, given the impending Kryptonian threat. Mon-El doesn't fall for it, so Lane takes him on a tour, showing him some of the defenses he's set up, introducing him to Nat in disguise as Blake and Major Force. He then introduces Mon-El to his core team of Metallo, Atlas, Parasite and Mirabai. When Mon-El continues to hesitate, Lane threatens Mon-El with the lab of Dr. Calomar, an ape scientist. Mon-El flatly refuses, so Lane sicks Atlas on Mon-El, and Mon-El wakes up below Calomar. Mon-El is beaten for two weeks, then given a respite. Parasite comes to him and reveals that he too is a prisoner, and asks Mon-El if he will help the pair escape. Mon-El agrees, if Parasite doesn't kill anyone. They fight their way to a teleporter and escape the magical land, only to find an area decimated in the Luthor/Brainiac. Sam Lane lets Mon-El escape, pointing out that he's ruined Superman's reputation. Guardian and his troops come out to stop Bizarro, who is descending upon Metropolis.

Appearing in "7734"Edit

Featured CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit


Other CharactersEdit

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