Superman (Vol 1) #706
Superman-706 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Superman (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 706
First Published: February, 2011
Previous Issue: Superman #705
Next Issue: Superman #707

Synopsis for "Breaking News"Edit

Superman-706 Cover-2

Superman Issue #706 Cover-2

The Daily Planet is facing problems. According to Ron Troupe, a blog called Urbanitis has posted an article that accuses the Daily Planet of bribing Superman into giving them exclusives, due to Superman's relationship with Lois Lane. To solve this, Perry White fires photographer Sandeep and tasks him with talking with Jack Hoffman, the creator of Urbanitis, so that he can reveal what he knows. According to Perry, Sandeep cannot go to Urbanitis as a Daily Planet employee, since it would look like intimidation. Perry tells Sandeep that if he succeeds, he can have his old job back. Sandeep goes to the Urbanitis stringers' meeting and talks with Jack. When asked if he has evidence, Jack replies that he has pictures and discrepancies in the Planet's finances. According to Jack, a fangirl sent them a picture about one of Superman's cross-country stops. Later, Sandeep informs Perry that Jack plans to post his evidence tomorrow. In that moment, Perry is met by Superman, who offers to help him with the Daily Planet's problems. Perry declines, saying that Superman's involvement would only make things worse. Superman accepts and flies away.

The next day, Jack meets with Perry and shows him a report showing that $20, 000 of unacounted for funding going into the Planet's expense account every quarter for the past five years and vanishing again about a week after deposit. Perry replies that's his money, saying that the Planet has been losing revenue for the last decade. The deposits come from his personal account and that they have been the difference between keeping the summer internship program and cutting it. Although it is not strictly legal, it is not bribing Superman. Perry says that Superman does not even carry money. Jack then shows him the picture the fangirl sent to him. The picture shows Superman and Lois kissing, but Sandeef comes in and says that the woman in the picture is not Lois. This reveals Sandeep's status as a mole to Jack. Sandeep then takes out a poster for a party that shows a boy dressed as Superman kissing a red-headed girl. Sandeep says that someone must have photoshopped Lois and Superman's faces on the picture. This effectively makes Jack's evidence rendundant. Perry tells Jack that he wants two things from him. The first one if for Jack to post a public apology and retraction from his website no later than tonight, and Jack accepts. The second one if for Jack to join the summer internship next year. Perry says that Jack can be of great use for the Planet. He also gives Sandeep his old job back.

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