Superman (Vol 1) #711
Superman-711 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Superman (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 711
First Published: July, 2011
Previous Issue: Superman #710
Next Issue: Superman #712

Synopsis for "Grounded: Part Nine"Edit

Superman-711 Cover-2

Superman Issue #711 Cover-2

The mayor of Provo, Utah, gives Superman the key to the city. Suddenly, Superman hears a frequency emitted by Jimmy Olsen's watch. Superman goes to Las Vegas, where Jimmy is, and sees that Livewire has trapped hostages within an electric field. Among the hostages are Iron Munro and Lisa Jennings. Superman gives Jimmy the key he received from the mayor and goes to stop Livewire. Superman is confused on why is Livewire has returned to open villainy when she decided to begin a new honest life after helping Superman defeating the Auctioneer. Superman tries to reason with her, but Livewire attacks him with lightning bolts. Also, she transforms into pure energy and moves through the city's power grid to escape from Superman. While Superman and Livewire fight, Jennings tries to escape the electric field, but she is shocked by the electricity and drops her Sunstone. Iron Munro tries to help her and touches the Sunstone, which gives Iron Munro visions of Superman's recent tragedies. Jennings takes the Sunstone back.

To help Superman, Jimmy calls Dr. Serling Roquette of S.T.A.R. Labs and asks her for a way to stop Livewire. Dr. Roquette tells Jimmy that Livewire's increased power is affecting her mind and that the only way to stop her is using a containment suit to dissipate Livewire's excessive power. Superman intercepts the call with his super-hearing and goes to the Fortress of Solitude. There, he finds the suit he used when he was an energy being. He takes the suit to S.T.A.R. Labs, and Dr. Roquette modifies to suit to contain Livewire. Livewire attacks Jimmy, but he straps the key to a wire and throws it to her. This weakens Livewire and dissipates the electric field, allowing the hostages to escape. Jennings escapes in the confusion. Livewire tries to attack the hostages, but Iron Munro protects them with his invulnerability. Superman then puts the modified suit on Livewire, which returns her power levels to normal. Livewire is arrested, but she may not receive a hard sentence since she only damaged property and there were no injuries, and also Superman spoke in her favor. Iron Munro also chooses to use his influence in the Justice Department to help Livewire. Jimmy asks Superman why is he helping Livewire, and Superman answers that in America, everyone deserves a second chance.

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