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Founder(s): TBA
Leader(s): TBA
Current Members: TBA
Former Members: TBA
Status: Inactive
Base of Operations: Krypton



The Xan were an ancient race noted for being both wise and powerful that served as the first inhabitants of the planet Krypton. They were actually beings formed of magnetic energy that existed as living electromagnetic fields that once ruled their world eons ago. In the distant past, they established a laboratory known as the Proto-Tombs of Xan which barely sheltered their energies as they became a near dying species. The Xan were responsible for bringing Xuthful Ore into Meteor Valley by using their energies to pull the substance from the heavens themselves and send them crashing down to the surface as meteors. During the rise of Kryptonian civilization, a young Jor-El along with Kushungar of Regilean uncovered the Proto-Tombs where they met the Xan and formed an alliance with them. This partnership led to the Xan sharing their incredible knowledge of electromagnetic forces which in turn allowed Jor-El to uncover the truth that Krypton faced destruction in the near future. He intended to use this knowledge to save his world but the Kryptonian Imperial Council instead desired to eradicate all alien presence from their planet and thus did not accept where Jor-El's findings came from.

Return to KryptonEdit

By accident, Superman and Lois Lane were catapulted into Krypton's past where they adopted the guise of Nightwing and Flamebird. The pair were pursued by xenophobic Kryptonians who intended to purge their world of alien influences and thus chased the pair. Kal-El later met Kushungar who sheltered them and took them to the Proto-Tombs of Xan to help them but were later attacked by the Hounds of Zod. As Lois Lane ran in order to divide the two Hounds, she was nearly killed by Faora until one of the Xan posssessed Lane and aided her in battling her Kryptonian foe. The Xan defeated the two Hounds by wrenching and rearranging the iron atoms in their bloodstream which led to them falling unconscious as a result though it was noted that the two would later recover. As their energy forms were weak, they spoke to Kal-El through Lois Lane.


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