General Information
Official name: Xarxas
First Appearance: Flatline!
Type: Virus
Used by: TBA



Xarxas was deadly disease that was native to the planet Krypton. The virus was noted to had been long dead and was seemingly destroyed with the Kryptonian homeworld after its destruction. A fact lost to many was that a Kryptonian probe was once launched and was said to had uncovered the planet Earth during its journey. Inside the probe was a frozen sample of Xarxas which remained inert but began to reform itself once in orbit around the world thus bringing about the restoration of the virus as well as its deadly effects on living beings.


When the probe later crashed on Earth's surface, the Xarxas virus was let loose and it began infecting the local populace. Several humans succumbed to the disease before a police officer sneezed on Clark Kent. Infected, he quickly fled to Antartica to enter the Fortress of Solitude where he fell unconscious. Once inside the Tesseract, Kelex managed to form an analysis on the unconscious Superman and concluded that he was suffering from an infection of Xarxas. At first, the Service Robot was weary of Cir-El who was also present and believed that she might have been responsible for the act. Whilst it did not cure him, Kal-El was placed within a Bio-Remediation Suit to slow down the progress of the virus.

In contrast, the disease infected Bizarro as well but rather then weaken him, his unique biology meant that Xarxas empowered him further and made him much more dangerous to the world. A weakened Superman with the aid of Cir-El were able to defeat Bizarro and used him as a basis for a cure for the disease due to its unique effects on the supervillains body. Kal-El later attempted to lay claim to the probe carrying the Xarxas virus in order to preserve it as one of the last living specimens of his homeworld but a team from LexCorp acquired it and laid claim to it.


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